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Weruva Asian Fusion

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Great Quality Cat Fdod


This cat food is amazing.  The quality of this food is amazing, they claim it is Human-Grade quality but I have never actually tasted it.  The cost is a littler more then other foods, but your pet deserves it.  Additionally, my cat was having severe urinary problems.After many trips to the vet (costing lots of money), perscription food (both wet and dry), I was recommended this food by a friend of mine.  After giving my cat this food along with other Weruva flavors his problem cleared right up.  If your cat is also having similar urinary problems, try to stay to the Weruva food that has less then 2% Ash, including this one.  As for the taste, my cat loves the cat and scarfs it down right away when I put it out.  The only cons of this product are this it is somewhat difficult to find.  It is mostly carried in smaller pet botique stores.  You can also find it online for a fairly reasonable price.    

Los Angeles, CA


It's good enough for people so I know my cat is getting the best


I have had many cats in my life but right now Luna is the queen of the house. She's 14 years old with about 8 teeth. She was a mutual adoption when we lived in Jersey City so she knows enough to make nice with the lady so she brings you inside so your kittens will have a warm home. Since she has a few teeth canned food is a big part of her diet. She was one of the animals affected by the food recall in 2007. She's OK now, minor indigestion, but after that I wanted to find an even higher quality canned food to feed her. When I first opened a can of Weruva Asian Fusion cat food I was surprised. It looked like real fish, real rice. It smelled good and it wasn't gray or lumpy. The label lists the main ingredients as Tuna, Rice and Shirasu (japanese anchovy). (Complete list on www.weruva.com) When I put a spoonful in Luna's bowl she inhaled it then looked up at me for more. She got the whole can that day! I've tried other Weruva flavors and have been impressed with what's in the can. Chunks of mackeral, shredded white meat chicken, carrots, noodles. It's good enough for me to eat!

Astoria, NY


Weruva Asian Fusion

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