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Wells Fargo - Marquis Credit Card

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Wells Fargo - Marquis Credit Card - what a hassle.


Wells Fargo - Marquis Credit Card - Credit card companies offer great incentives. You use their money, they reward you. You borrow their money, they hound you. This reviewer has not purchased a Credit Card since the days of Mellon Bank, out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Even then I managed somehow to send money to them as best I could have. BUT, this company that my wife has been besiged by, has hounded her since the day she used their card for purchases I wasn't even aware of. Since then, every month when the payment is due, their call center calls us at least 7 to 8 times a day, insisting on speaking only to the Cardholder. If you are a spouse, tough cookies. They only want to talk with the person that the account is listed to. SO, weary credit card holders, getting this card submits you to their constant phone calls. ANd they even call on Sundays! Weekdays, they call at 8 A.M.! Will somebody stand up to these people! The Card is good for its credit line. The Company Wells Fargo - Leaves me to question it.

Palm Coast, FL


Wells Fargo - Marquis Credit Card

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