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Wells Fargo Cash Back College Credit Card

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good for a first time


This credit card is great for a first time credit card applicant-ideally it is targeted for college students. It allows low monthly minimum balance and a grace period for late payments which is perfect for people like me who are just busy and forget. I love that it gives you a set limit that you can't go over, that way it keeps you from going to far into debt. They are flexible though and I have changed my limit three times now as my needs have changed. They offered me constant reminders of my credit limit so I don't go overboard and it has low interest fees. I am not impressed with the rewards though, and from other experience with a Discover card I have found that I like the Discover cashback bonus rewards program better because you can get gift cards for cheaper and use your money wisely. Otherwise I have no complaints, Wells Fargo provides an all around good credit card for someone like me just starting out to build some credit.



The best company for a college credit card!!!


I received my credit card about a year ago and I love it. My credit card is the only way I can make it through the semester. I work my butt off during the fall and spring breaks, and even more in the summertime. But when I am in classes, I always take at least 15 credits, there is no time to work. The minimum monthly payments on this card are affordable and the APR isn't too high at all. Then card offers a 1% cash back on net credit card purchases. There are low Introductory APRs, 5.9% - 13.9% for 6 months on purchases. The APRs don't apply to cash advances though .There is also a rewards program that alternates and sometimes that helps contribute to my payments. There are grace periods in case I am late, but that hasn't happened. Make sure your minimum balance is paid off every month though. The minimum balance for me is a low $25 so I definitely don't have a problem paying that.nIts easy and affordable if you use it wisely.



Wells Fargo Cash Back College Credit Card

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