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Wellpath Should be investigated for fraud


My wife just got hired with a new company this year. Her new employer has Wellpath as their insurance carrier. After her 90 day waiting period she was eligible for active insurance. She went to her first doctors visit a few weeks after obtaining her new insurance with Wellpath. These guys denied her visit for a sinus infection because they said it was pre existing condition. We called and they requested the information on her previous insurance coverage. We sent it to them promptly. We called them a week later and they confirmed they had the information and everything looked fine. A few weeks later my wife need to go to the OBGYN for a female problem. SHe went and found out she would need a surgery. The doctors visit was denied after she had already went to it, wellpath said it was  a        pre existing condition. We called Wellpath and they told us that they had the right to turn down any claim they wanted to and there wasnt anything we could do about it. This place shold be investigated for fraud. Now we owe almost 2000 on unpaid dr. bills due to Wellpaths fraudulent behavior.

Winston Salem, NC


Wellpath is the WORST


Wellpath was the insurance company my husband's employer had. Everyone there, even upper management was very dissatisfied with the way Wallpath denied everyone's claims. They denied paying my husband's Doctor's bills stating that this was a previous condition. IT WAS NOT. We had to go through alot to show them it should be covered. They were so bad, my husband's employer dropped them. When they finally did pay for a perscription of my husband's, we were with Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The Doctor's office accidently sent it to Wellpath. Wellpath paid it, found the error and TURNED IT INOTO A COLLECTION AGENCY!! against us!  No word of contact to us what-so-ever. The Doctor's office refunded us the amount and said they would refile it to Blue Cross and Blue Shield. But damage already done. This is a very shabby insurance company.

Taylorsville, NC



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