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Wellness Super5Mix Senior Dry Dog Food

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possibly the perfect senior dog kibble


my dog is 15 years old.  at her age, her kidneys aren't working as well as they used to.  she's on a couple of different medications to help with her kidneys, and i'm sure they're largely responsible for her still being alive, but i'm also sure she owes a lot to Wellenss Super5Mix Just for Seniors. when we learned that my dogs kidneys were beginning to fail, i started researching.  i know that Science Diet makes a prescription diet for dogs with kidney problems, but i also know that Science Diet includes lots of low quality ingredients like wheat gluten, corn, by-products and even ambiguous "meat" and "animal" ingredients in their foods.  i refuse to feed such rubbish to my dog, and knowing the standards that i set for pet foods, my vet didn't even suggest that she be switched to the prescription diet. my research led me to understand that in dogs with kidney failure, their protein intake should be limited but not low, and that what is most important in terms of protein is that the source be a high quality one.  i also learned that what is most important is that the phosphorous content be low.  from there, Wellness was a no-brainer.  of all of the high quality dog kibbles i looked at, Wellness Super5Mix Just for Seniors had the lowest phosphorous levels, and its primary protein source is real deboned chicken. several months later, the vet did another blood test on my dog.  yes, her kidneys are getting worse...there's no reversing the damage that's already done, and at her age, deterioration is inevitable.  but while her kidneys are getting gradually worse, according to my vet, he was pleasantly surprised by her blood urea nitrogen level on her most recent blood test.  apparently, her kidneys aren't getting worse nearly as quickly as he'd expected.  for that, i thank the Wellness.

Baton Rouge, LA


Wellness Super5Mix Senior Dry Dog Food

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