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Wellness Healthy Indulgence Cat Food Pouches

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Expensive and My cat doesn't like them


I love to feed my cat natural and healthy products. I typically just feed her dry food because it is quick and easy but I love to feed her a special treat every month. I got these Wellness Indulgence Food Pouches to try out as her treat each month. Unfortunately she was not a fan of the food. I know sometimes with my dogs they do not like the healthier options because they do not taste as good. I am not sure why she doesn't like them but she never will finish the pouch and never seems interested. I will not buy these again in the future. Quality of Ingredients The quality of ingredients in these food pouches are great but I think they may be causing my cat to not like them. Sometimes these are too healthy without having any flavor. Flavor Selection They probably don't have the best flavor because I cannot get my cat to eat them. I purchased them as a monthly treat for her and they are just going to waste. I will not be buying them again in the future because of this.



Not much enthusiasm from my cats on this kind...


I tried the Wellness Healthy Indulgence Cat Food Pouches with my cats and while they looked really appealing they didn't seem to have much punch as far as the cats were concerned. There was kind of collective shrug all the way around when I set it down for their dinner. The Wellness Healthy Indulgence Cat Food Pouches have chunks of meat and a sauce, so maybe my cats just aren't "Sauce people", I'm not really sure. It isn't that the cats didn't eat the Wellness Healthy Indulgence Cat Food Pouches but more that they were unimpressed and since the Wellness Healthy Indulgence Cat Food Pouches come at a premium price I think we are going to stick with the regular Wellness canned food. So check in with your own cat of course, because you never know what a particular cat likes, lots of them are a lot less fussy but for my two cats we aren't buying any more Wellness Healthy Indulgence Cat Food Pouches.

Amherst, MA


Most natural wet food for cats.


I have been buying this for my cat for years. It is the most natural cat food I have found.. it is one of the only ones without animal by-products. My cat is very picky and she absolutely LOVES this food. I give her wet food a few times a week and she can't wait for me to open one of the Wellness pouches. Plus, they are SO easy. Just tear off the top, pour, and toss. The amount is perfect, they come in great flavors, they're natural, easy to use, and have a lot of gravy that most kittys love. Best food I've found. My kitty would agree. =D

Frisco, TX


Great food but pricey


I feed the wellness canned cat food and all of my cats do well on this food. At the advice of my cats only vet, cats are carnivores and need to eat meat. This food is a little bit on the pricey side for only 3 oz so I mix it in once in a while with their regular wellnes canned food. Some like the texture and some don't It has a lot of gravy in it. Great if you only have one or two cats.

Temple City, CA


The only wet food I'll feed my cats


I rescued my 2 Adult Cats from a shelter almost 9 years ago. The shelter was feeding them a not very high quality wet food - which they LOVED because it had a lot of juice. They'd lick up every once of juice in the bowl and then move onto the little bits of food once every drop was gone. So I searched high and low for a quality food, that was made from lots of gravy, and small bits of meat. They LOVE this food. They gobble up the juice first, and then devour each morsel (and usually try to steal each others last piece). They have a nice variety too. My cats seem to like the salmon least of all the flavors... but that usually doesnt stop them from eating every bite. It is a little expensive (1.00 a pouch average), so I try to order it online in bulk.

West Nyack, NY


Wellness Healthy Indulgence Cat Food Pouches are SUPER


Wellness Healthy Indulgence Cat Food Pouches are fantastic! I have eight great cats and they are very fussy about what they eat. They LOVE Wellness Healthy Indulgence Cat Food Pouches. I only buy my cats quality foods. I stay away from cheap, poor quality foods such as Whiskas, Friskies, Iams, Purina and 9 Lives. These crappy foods contain disgusting by-products, cheap poor quality fillers and preservatives and artificial colors. I do not like feeding my cats this cheap garbage, so I look for high quality foods I can be proud to feed my angels. If you care about your pets, you will too. Wellness Healthy Indulgence Cat Food Pouches are made of very high quality ingredients. They contain high quality real meats, vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals. You can rest assured you are feeding your cats the best with Wellness. Although a little pricier than some cat food pouches, the high quality ingredients are worth it. Your cats will thank you!

Grand Blanc, MI


Wellness Healthy Indulgence Cat Food Pouches

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