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Dry Cat Food
Wellness Dry Cat Food

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My Vet Recommeded I try this Cat Food


Recently my cat was experiencing more than the usual stomach upset and seemed lethargic and sleepy. I was concerned and took him to the vet. They did a check up and some random tests but nothing came back as anything being wrong. It could have been just a cold or something he ate perhaps. My vet recommended that he stay on dry food for a while and told me to try this one. We made the transition to Wellness cat food and he showed improvement in their health and had a lot more energy! The food has healthy ingredients and not a bunch of fillers. While it is more expensive then other brands- it is worth it! I wish they sold it in my grocery store but they do not so I have to go to a store such as Pet Smart to find it. I recommend it for your cat. I am not sure if it is good for kittens as it may be too hard for their teeth to chew and might not be easy on their digestive systems either. My cat did like the flavor of the food as well.


New Egypt, NJ


Weight-loss food your cats will eat!


I have two plus-size felines, so this food was a good option for us. Unlike other diet foods we have tried, they both like this one and eat it without complaints. We sometimes mix it with Wellness Core hard food and Wellness Gravy packets. But they also eat it plain. Both cats have dropped a little bit of weight between their yearly checkups eating this food. But it's also important to watch how much you are feeding them. My cats are grazers, so if I leave out a bowl of kibble, they'll eat if off and on all day.


Pittsburgh, PA


all natural food


this is an excellent, all natural, healthy food for cats and ferrets.  the pieces are small for smaller animals, and the hard pieces help keep teeth clean.  after the food scare, it was nice to be confident that my animals were getting only the best food, and i did not have to worry about the health of my animals.  the food can be expensive depending where you shop, but the quality of the ingredients and product in general make up for the cost.  the better quality food translates into a healthier pet in the long run, and less trips to the vet for illnesses.


Northfield, OH


Healthy, All Natural & SAFE!!!


After the pet food scare in March, I am sooooooooooooooo glad that I feed my pets Wellness!  I e-mailed the company just after the pet food scare.  A Wellness representative e-mailed me back within 24 hours!  They were informative and helpful.  The Wellness website is great too.  My cats and dog love all of the Wellness varieties.  It is highly digestable.


Silver Spring, MD


Not a winner for my kitty


I tried the Salmon flavor for cats, in this brand name of food. It seemed really high-quality but hasn't settled well with my cat. It makes her really bloated and she is having a hard time eliminating. Maybe this is just too concentrated for her system to process. I was kinda bummed that it didn't work out, because it smells good... though it is a bit weird that it comes in pellets. (think rabbit food) Anyway, my pet food store is awesome and they said just to bring in the unused portion and they'll refund me. I don't know if it's just my cats intolerance of the food or if the formula needs some tweaking. You be the judge here...I'm just one person with an opinion based on an experience.


Silverdale, WA


Best Catfood Around!


I have been feeding my cats Wellness since they were kittens.  I have less money now, so it is harder to maintain but to me it is important.  Here are some things I like about Wellness: First of all, it is just made of good stuff.  If you read the ingredients, you might find your cat is eating healthier than you :) Next, my cats like it and prefer it.  They do not want human food (except one likes milk), they just would rather eat their catfood.  They don't beg for our scraps. Also, my cats are 6 years old and they are a little flabby (since they are housecats without much excercise) but they are not much overweight.  They look healthy.  Their fur looks good and they're happy. Also, it seems like they are satisfied with their meals.  I have had cats growing up that never seemed quite happy with their catfood.  My cats eat their food and don't bother me for more afterward too much. The food is expensive, but you don't have to give them a whole lot since it is so nutritious and like I said they seem to be happy with eating less but more quality food. I think my cats are pretty smart and know this food is better for them than human food.  I am so glad we have had minimal problems with begging. Overall, I would recommend it if you can at all work it into your budget.


Beloit, WI


Wellness is a great food that improved our cats health!


Three of our four cats were adopted from the shelters with varying health problems. All four of our cats have made the transition to Wellness cat food and all have showed great improvement in their health and well being! I feel confident that feeding them this food is feeding them a healthy choice with great ingredients! While it is more expensive then other brands- it is worth it! All my cats LOVE this cat food.


Stonington, CT


Yummy in your cat's tummy!


My two cats LOVE this food! They can't get enough of it! They've stopped requesting treats and are more than happy to take a couple of kibbles of Wellness instead of a treat! Their coats seem shiny and healthier and even my 10 year old cat is acting much more playful and loves to play with her 4 year old sister. Both girls have lost about .5lbs since starting feeding them Wellness Weight Management about 2 months ago.  I would definately recommend Wellness Weight Management to anyone who has a kitty who could stand to lose a little weight.


Aston, PA


my kitty loves it


i have a 12 yr old FAT cat and as she got older i was noticing she was "throwing up" more of her food ... i went into my local whole foods store and they suggested the Wellness Brand for overweight cats ... Mazzy LOVES it and gobbles her dish everyday and she maintains a nicer weight now it is sorta pricey as she eats about 1 bag per month, and locally here its about 12.00 a bag, but i figure its the least i can do for my baby :)


Omaha, NE


Wellness Dry Cat Food

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