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Dry Dog Food
Wellness Chicken Super5Mix Formula Dry Dog Food

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That's a good product


That's a good product for our dogs. They will digest it easily.



Best dog food ever!


I've had my dog for about two years, and I've never owned a dog before. My dog is an older breathe and my vet recommended this dog food for him. He absolutely loves it! It's very easy for him to eat and digest, the kibbles aren't too big, and they have a nice crunch to them. Are usually feed this to him with a tablespoon of wet food, mix it around really good, and he absolutely loves it. I can't even begin to describe how much healthier of my dog looks since eating this food. His Furrer is super thick and shiny and soft. His poop is nice and solid and I can tell he satisfied after each meal. It is a little expensive compared to other brands, but it's totally worth it! It's not full of junk or anything bad!


Jacksonville, Florida


Dogs love it


My dogs loved this from the first bite they took and one of my dogs is rather picky. They gobble it up fast and it is very healthy for them.




Expensive food but all natural ingredients.


We have tried several brands from Purina to Iams, and all other big name dog foods. This is a natural, fresh, and organic option that our dog has grown to love. She likes the chicken and a beef flavor. It has whole grain rice, and poultry is the first ingredient on the list, leading me to believe it is all natural, and a healthy option for our pet. Quality of Ingredients All ingredients are natural, and ingredients used are organic. It is a healthier option than other dog foods on the market, and it does not use a variety of fillers and preservatives which is generally the case with other dog foods we have purchased. Flavor Selection I have only seen three or four flavors at my local pet shop. I have purchased the chicken and rice and the beef and rice. Our dog prefers the chicken and rice. I can't speak on other flavor blends, but in comparison to other major brands, this dog food brand doesn't offer as many flavor options to choose from.




the title suggests a healthy product for your dog


I have 2 older dogs, a 10 year old miniature American eskimo and a 9 year old Lhasa apso who love treats and when we discovered this product we have bought nothing else since. They enjoy the different flavors although we stick to a certain two that they seem prefer, To say our dogs are spoiled is an understatement. They are very affordable and a bag goes a long way. Quality of Ingredients The ingredients are all natural and good for the dogs. They come in a resealable package that keeps them fresh and soft. The ingredients are obviously healthy and filling as we use them as a snack and a filler for dinner. Flavor Selection There are many selections of flavor. We generally buy the turkey and duck or the venison and chicken as they enjoy the flavor the most. They definitely beg for these treats! It is amazing how an animal can discern the flavor of food but mine can. So we always try to get the same ones all the time.




Wellness Dog Food has made a difference


We recently adopted our dalmatian from a shelter. Who knows what she has been eating for the first 2 years of her life, but now we only feed her Wellness Rice and Lamb dog food. We realized soon after having her that chicken does not agree with her. We decided to switch her to Wellness as it has so few ingredients and also has a lamb and rice flavor. After slowly incorporating this into her diet, we started to see her very senstive stomach accept this food. The only issue I have with the Wellness brand is that it is so darn expensive. WAY more than even Science Diet. So, I actually tried to make a gradual change to a less expensive, but still very well made brand. She did not digest it even half as well as the Wellness Rice and Lamb. So, we are back to spending a ton of money on dog food, but have peace of mind knowing this is the best food for her. We are very happy with the Wellnes brand of dog food and hope to feed her this for many years to come.


Evanston, IL


Wellness is a fantastic dog food


Recently, after taking the time to look into dog food ingredients, my family and I decided to change things up. We had always fed our dog, Riley, Nutro. That's what we were given and that's what we always knew. However, looking more into it we found just how much of a difference the first ingredients make. After that, we turned to Wellness. She loves it. I can't sit here and say it changed her personality or she looks healthier, but i know I am giving her the best possible and it helps me knowing I am doing something special to ensure she lives a long, healthy life. Sure, it is a bit pricey but what is more important: saving a few bucks per bag or helping a member of your family in the best possible way you can? Riley deserves the best and I'm sure your pets do as well. Wellness' top ingredients are meat. It's much better than ground up byproducts and whatever else can be mashed and thrown together.


Reading, PA


my dog loves this food


My small dog was having seizures on a regular basis and her vet wanted to put her on medication.  We were very uncomfortable with the idea of her being on medication for the rest of her life, so we explored other options.  We found that other families had great success with this brand of food.  We tried the food about 2 years ago and she has not had a seizure since.  We like the fact that the food contains natural ingredients with no fillers.  We have switched our big dog to the senior variety and she is doing great for an 11 year old terrier.  We hope to have both our dogs with us for many years to come since they are now eating healthy food.  We have recommended this food to our friends and they have also switched their dogs.  It is a great company that is producing a quality product which is rare these days.  We have also bought wellness brand treats for the dogs which they love.  Our little dog loves the chewy jerky treats.


Satsuma, FL


one, if not, the best brand on the market


I've had my dog on this brand since he was 9 months old. When he arrived from the breeder, he was on Purina Puppy chow - probably one of the worst foods on the market. Wellness is one of the best foods on hte martket. To this day, Bailey, my pembroke welsh corgi, is happy for his meals. He never turns up his nose to this stuff and eats is happily. Even as treats. Well, he is doing great on it too, teeth, coat, stool, you name it. It has no byproducts, corn (which is SO prevalent in other dog foods), fillers, and is made with human grade ingredients. What more can you ask for? All that I want to tell folks is that, do your research and do not feed to your dog what you would not feed to your child. Supermarket brands like Iams, Science Diet, Purina, Ol Roy, and even Royal Canin and ProPlan  - all have BAD ingredients and are cheaper. But think about it, in the long run you will feed them less (read the bag), and you willk save on the vet bills!


San Francisco, CA


Wellness Dog food has transformed my Dogs whole life!


**Wellness Dog Food Changed Our Dogs Life**                 My dog "Jellybean" is a Rat Terrier and going on 13 years of age. She was over weight and was beginning to show sign's of stomach and allergy problems. After many test and the vet coming to the conclusion that she had to loose weight and change her eating habit's, because as far as everything else she was considered very healthy. He suggested that we change her food to Wellness Super5mix Healthy Weight and after she got to a suitable weight to change her to one of the Wellness Complete Health Super5mixes. We followed his advise in full and were very satisfied with the results that were seen.              The Wellness line of products offer a foundation of healthy and nutritiously rounded diet for your pet. That includes real-foods such as de-boned natural meats, wholesome grains as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. This line of products do not include by-products, animal fats, corn, soy, wheat, artificial food coloring, flavorings or preservatives that are potentiality harmful to our pets. The variety of natural products that are used in the wellness brand provide the appropriate balances of protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that our pets need to produce energy, and a happier,healthier and much longer life.           Since the change to Wellness products, our dog "Jellybean" has maintained a healthy weight, shown great improvement in energy and has found her playful side again. Her stomach issues have almost completely resolved, with the exception of the occasional flair up when fed something she should not have eaten. But along with the exceptional improvement's I noticed a very important one, before when she was eating other dog foods, she was irritable, agitated, and ofter acted as if she didn't feel well, and since the change in her diet, she has had a happier demeanor with all, she does not become as easily agitated and more often than not makes strong demands to be played with. Wellness has provided my dog with an overall and excellent improvement in health and well-being.        I love the Wellness Brand of Pet Food Products and would highly recommend it to any dog or cat owner that is searching for a wonderfuly healthy product for their own pets.      


Arlington, TX


Wellness Chicken Super5Mix Formula Dry Dog Food

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