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Weiman Leather Wipes

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Purchased for boot cleaning.


Everyone knows that boot polishing can be such a pain and much dreaded chore. After my boots were polished nicely last time I purchased a container of Weiman Leather Wipes to used in-between major polishing. I could not be happier with the results, the leather wipes have kept my boots looking freshly polished for most of the winter season with minimal work and hassle. They quickly and easily remove the grime, dirt and salt from my boots and leave them nice and soft and well cared for looking. I have recommended this product to several people this winter season and the few that I know have tried it have all had positive things to say about it as well. I would not hesitate to use this on any leather items I own. Performance This product performed better than I expected. I will be sure to have these on hand for all my future leather needs. Scent These are pleasantly scented, not overpowering or overwhelming.



I love it!


Leather can always be such a pain to clean, it gets messy and you have to scrub really good to get a shine so when I saw this product I thought it was worth the money if it actually worked. I could not be happier with the performance of this product! Just take the wipes out and run it across your leather furniture. It even works on my leather shoes! Since it is winter time, these do come in handy for my leather shoes, it makes quick work of getting rid of the salt and ice off my shoes without ruining them and it makes the chore so much easier! I keep a container of these wipes in my mud room now the convenience of this product makes the price well worth it! I recommend this to everyone I know that has leather furnishing or leather shoes. It takes the hassle out of cleaning leather and in this day and age where we all have to jump through so many hoops and deal with so much stress anything that takes some of the stress out of my life is a blessing. Performance Works like a charm! Scent smells great



Weiman Leather Wipes are so convenient and easy to use


Weiman was a brand recommended to me after purchasing my first home to clean the stainless steel appliances that came with the house.  I found the Weiman Leather Wipes in the same area and knew I would be purchasing these for my leather furniture.  These wipes naturally clean, condition, and protect leather and even wood.  The wipes don't stay as moist as I would like them to, but they are extrememly convenient and easy to use.  They make my leather couch set look great and restore the clean, supple look to the leather.  This product has UVX-15 sunscreen to protect your leather and wood from harmful UV rays and this product is formulated with 6 natural cleaners and oils.  This product leaves my hands a little oily/greasy, but I always wash my hands with soap and water afterwards and the oily feeling disappears.  I can never get these canisters to work how they are designed to work so that you just pull one sheet at a time, but since there is a large hole in the canister separate from the dispenser, I can just pull them out one at a time from there.  Great product!

Saint Paul, MN


Weiman Leather Wipes

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