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Weiman Granite Corian Cleaner & Polish

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I find this is an excellent product


I am having a difficult time finding this product, locall 99701 zip code as well as on line for a reasonable price. Can you influence the distribution of your product or tell be who stocks it again reasonably priced.


Fairbanks, Alaska


what I needed for my granite


This works so well on my kitchen's granite countertops. I have a lot of granite in my kitchen, and I loved the cleaner that the installers gave me but when I ran out I could not find it anywhere. So I tried a couple of other brands and was not ecstatic about them when I came across the Weiman Granite cleaner and polish. It is great, and I actually like it better than my first cleaner. It sprays on and seems kindof watery, but when I wipe it up using a clean cloth the granite pretty much sparkles. It cleans everything off easily and leaves behind no residue like a lot of cleaners do. I also find that this buffs very easily, I do not have to do circles on the same section for forever to make it look pretty. The smell is very subtle, but is fresh at the same time. So this does a great job of cleaning, polishing, and adding shine to my granite countertops plus it can be used quickly and easily! Good job Weiman!




Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish: Works for me


If you cook on a glass ceramic cook-top, you're probably familiar with **Weiman** **Cooktop Cleaner & Polish**.  I've been using it for years to keep my cook-top clean and shiny. Our cook-top is installed in our dark-speckled granite countertop.  When both are in pristine condition the look is quite striking.  But keeping granite looking great is a challenge, especially if you have a speckled variety.  Dirt and debris are easily hidden by the granite's pattern. Regular use of products such as Glass Plus, Windex, etc are helpful for keeping them clean, but over time the countertop starts looking dull, especially when contrasted witha shiny black cook-top. On more than a few occasions I have used the cook-top polish on the counters.  The results were pretty good with a couple of drawbacks.  The odor of the cook-top polish is strong, similar to that of a car polish.  But on a 24" cook-top it seems to dissipate quickly.  But on over 20 running feet of countertop it can be a little overwhelming.  **Weiman Granite Corian Cleaner & Polish** This polish while very similar to the cook-top polish has been given a much more pleasant floral scent.  To use, you apply it to a soft cloth after shaking the bottle well and polish the surface to a dry shine. I generally recommend you try starting with a reasonably clear counter to get the best uniform results. Unlike the cook-top cleaner which leaves a very slippery surface behind, the Granite Polish gives you a high sheen without leaving the surface too slick. I find that **Weiman Granite Corian Cleaner & Polish**is particularly good at removing oily stains from the countertop and if used weekly protects the granite from picking up difficult to remove stains. **Other Surfaces** While our use is limited to maintaining our granite counters, Weiman recommends its product for onyx, slate, marble, Corian and Formica.  Weiman claims that this product cleans and polishes without leaving a waxy buildup.  Our experience with **Weiman Granite Corian Cleaner & Polish **supports this claim. **Cautions** While **Weiman Granite Corian Cleaner & Polish **doesn't leave our counters too slippery, the packaging explicitly warns about using it on floors.  And, as most cleaning products we are warned about keeping this product out of the reach of children. **My Viewpoint** Weiman has come up with another winner.  Easy to use, inexpensive, it produces excellent results.  I highly recommend this product.   Rudi


Boca Raton, FL


Weiman Granite Cleaner Gives Corian a Beautiful Finish


I have a new favorite corian countertop cleaner and it is Weiman Granite Cleaner. I just started using this based off of the review I read on viewpoints and I am so grateful for that review.  First and foremost it makes my counter tops gleam like they are new.  It is super easy to apply - I like that it comes in a squeeze bottle not a spray like the other corian cleaner that was recommended for our counters.  It smells pleasant which is nice, again the other corian cleaner we used had a much stronger, less pleasant odor.  Also, and this is key, the weiman cleaner costs approximately 1/3 of the other product that I had been using.  That makes me super happy because now I can use it more often to clean my counters.  Before I would only use the corian cleaner once every couple months and my counters wouldn't stay shiny, now because of the cost difference I can shine up  my counters as often as I want and it doesn't adversely affect my budget. 


Gilbertsville, PA


Made my counters look like new again!


I bought the Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish to use on my Corian countertops.  Although Corian is not in the name of the product, I did see Corian listed in the recommended for list on the back side of the bottle.  This product is outstanding.  My Corian counters are about 5 years old. They are a dark teal color with white specks.  This dark color shows scratches badly.  My countertops that once were shiny, appeared dull and dusty looking.  I applied the thick blue liquid with a soft cloth, going in circles, as recommeded.  I then buffed with a soft cloth.  The result was nothing short of amazing!  My once dull counters were now bright and shiny!  I have tried many, many products on these counters, hoping to regain the shine that once was.  I have tried multi-purpose sprays, countertop specific sprays, every type of cleaner you can imagine.  This polish is great!  It did take a little elbow grease to buff out some of the scratches, but it was worth it.  I even used it to revive my Corian cutting board, that was almost white with scratches.  The product has no odor and is not harsh.  There is even a notice on the lable that says Weiman proudly supports the National Ovarian Caner Coalition and a link to that organization's site.  You gotta love that.


Elburn, IL


Weiman Granite Corian Cleaner & Polish

5.0 5