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Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers Smart Ones Morning Express Stuffed Breakfast Sandwich

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I wasn't a big fan compared to the other breakfast options weight watchers was offered. The taste was just a little off and the texture was gritty and weird. It was bigger than it looks on the box, but it's still not worth it. Weight watchers has way better breakfast options, but this one was a miss.



Not the best, not the worst


I am absolutely in love with Weight Watchers and the food available from Smart Ones. I have tried several of their products, and I have to admit that this was not my favorite. It was not terrible, just somewhat unimpressive. For the points value that each serving is, the sandwich is rather small. I was not full after eating this, but the points were already on the higher side if you are watching your weight watcher points. I am not a huge fan of breakfast, but it is easy enough to pop one of these into the microwave and start my day. It is a bit thick and the breading is crumbly. Not one of those sandwiches you can take with you out the door and know it won't make a mess in your car. It is very flaky. The flavor of the egg and filling on the inside is good, so that is one plus about this food. It is obviously convenient if you want something simple to make in the morning. The price for a box of two is comparable to that of other Smart Ones products. I guess I just wish I got more out of this little sandwich.

Pensacola, FL


Weight Watchers Stuffed Breakfast Sandwich - Has a great taste!


I HATE breakfast! Yet I know that you need to eat a healthy breaskfast to start your day off right.,  Plus I need to set an example for my kids.  I am always looking for different, healthy items to eat.  I have tried everything from cereal to waffles to bagels and muffins.  They either take too long to make or are messy to eat on the go.  The worst breakfast is the one that you eat and you are hungry an hour later! I can honestly say that Weight Watchers Stuffed Breakfast Sandwiches are GREAT!  I recently found them in the store and had a coupon.  I purchased a box and tried it the next day. The sandwich was easy to prepare.  Under two minutes in the microwave and it was perfect.  The taste of the egg was not overpowering.  The meat also had a just made fresh taste.  The sandwich wasn't messy to eat and zI was able to eat it "on the go". It comes in a few varieties, with or without meat.  The price is reasonable. The Breakfast Sandwiches are convenient to use.  Most important for me - the sandwich was satisfying and I was not hungry and hour after eating.  

Akron, OH


Great way to start your Morning


The Weight Watchers Smart Ones Breakfast Stuffed Sandwiches are such a great item. I use them quite a bit when I have to be at work at 5:30 in the morning. Thanks to Weight Watchers I get a healthy & tasty breakfast that does not take me long to make. I can have it cooking while I finish getting my stuff ready for work. It has just the right amount of eggs and other ingredients in it to make it a worth while breakfast option. I gave my Mom one of these for breakfast one morning. She could not believe that it was a diet food. She has since bought some for her and my Dad. Previously they always bought the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches which are not as healthy for them. Since these are not high in points on Weight Watchers I am able to pair it with a smoothie if I choose. This works for me since I work in kitchen/dining area I never know when I will a break. Usually the sandwich stays with me for quite a while so I am covered until break time arrives.

Erie, IL


Weght Watcher Breakfast stuffed sandwich( MMM Good).


*The weght watchers breakfast  stuffed sandwich is so yummy and  fulfilling, it taste good and it's a mouthful, I get full and satisfied, until my next meal which is another weight watchers dinner or low fat yogurt and low fat drink.*

North Las Vegas, NV


Way better than Lean Pockets breakfast sandwiches!


I like having quick breakfast foods on hand for when I don't have much time or I just don't feel like making something.  I have tried another Weight Watchers breakfast, the [Canadian Style Bacon English Muffin][1] , and loved it, so I decided to try another variety: **Stuffed Breakfast Sandwich**.  Although it isn't as good as the English muffin, it's still worth buying. What I love about these Weight Watchers frozen breakfasts, is that they are so easy to prepare (just heat them in the microwave), and I feel like I am eating something substantial, filling *and *tasty, but they are low in fat and calories. **Weight Watchers Morning Express Stuffed Breakfast Sandwich **is a small pocket sandwich similar to Hot Pockets.  It is stuffed with egg whites, cheese, turkey bacon and vegetables.  My only complaint about this product is the flaky pastry.  It falls apart all over the place and makes a mess.  However, the inside of the pocket makes up for it.  I can't tell that the turkey bacon isn't real bacon, it tastes just like it's high-calorie counterpart.  It's very cheesy, but I don't taste ANY vegetables.  I didn't even know there were supposed to be vegetables in there until I looked at the box to write this review.  The egg whites are a little firm, but I don't mind them too much.  Overall, it is satisfying and healthy.  I feel like I am eating something bad for me, but it isn't! **Nutrition: **240 calories, 7g fat, 20mg cholesterol, 580mg sodium, 16g protein I would definitely buy this breakfast again, *and *the better variety, Canadian Style Bacon English Muffin.  These are fast, tasty and satisfying! [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Weight-Watchers-Smart-Ones-Morning-Express-Canadian-Style-Bacon-English-Muffin-Sandwich-review-e01f

Camp Lejeune, NC


Weight Watchers Smart Ones Morning Express Stuffed Breakfast Sandwich

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