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Wei East
Wei East Wrinkle Relief Eye Cream with Lotus Seed Collagen

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Don't need the Collagen just yet but I still LOVE this product


Like many of the other reviewers for this product, I received a 0.03 oz sample from Wei East. I can easily say that I'm beyond impressed with this product and am planning on shelling the money for this product. I'm in my early 20s and don't have wrinkles or other problems I'm sure to encounter in a couple years. I am, however, a student and prone to sleep deprivation which leaves baggies and dark circles around my eye. With that in mind, I figured that I'd try this product. Within a weeks use (applying it in the morning as well as evening) I noticed the skin around my eye getting noticeably softer, smoother and brighter. Even though my horrible sleep schedule hasn't changed; it definitely improved the appearance around my eyes. In regards to the actual application of the product, I love how the cream is light. Furthermore, my little sample has survived about 2 weeks and that's only for 0.03 oz! Overall, I would recommend this product - it truly has worked very well.


Draper, UT


Wei East I LOVE IT!!


I heard about "Wei East" Products from my mother, and am I happy I did. This is the very, very best..goes on so silky and smooth..absorbs quickly, and still..even after absorption, you skin feels soft and silky. I have fallen in love with all of "WEI EAST's" products. The Eye cream is an absolute favorite though. I have been using this for the past 6 months, and people have already said I definatly do not look my age, haha..they guess about 6 - 7 years younger. This product is very simple to use, feels great and takes less time to apply than brushing your teeth. Its light feeling, silky, but best of all it WORKS on the fine lines and wrinkles..if you use it properly day and night. The price is a bit high, but then a facelift would cost so much more..and be so much more painful, then just applying such a decadent sweet indulgence onto your skin..and it doesn't take a huge glob of it..just a little dab smooths a long way...ummmm..NICE!!


Glenwood, IL


sticky, gooey wei eye cream


i got this product hoping that it worked great... i was completely let down. i put it around my eyes for the first time and felt fairly good about it, but as the day wore on i realized that my skin was flaking and peeling. i realized that this eye cream dried around my eyes and continued to peel off throughout the day. it didn't absorb as it should of, but instead sat on top of the skin and did nothing. who would pay this much money for this kind of performance, let alone any money for this kind of performance?? i was seriously pulling off the dried cream all day long.. awful! i would go with a basic garnier or burt's bees eye cream for this price and know that i would be getting a good deal for what i paid for. i was completely let down with this product and would not recommend it to anyone, especially at the god-awful high price that they offer it at. they make you think it is going to be a good product because it is so expensive but it is a crock!!


Rockford, MI


Wei East wrinkle relief eye cream goes on smooth


I recently received a sample of Wei East wrinkle relief eye cream with lotus seed collagen. All though I don't have very many wrinkles around my eyes, I still like to try different moisturizers and creams in hopes of keeping them at bay. I do, however have the dreaded '11' in-between my eyes (from squinting). Hopefully I will see results in that area soon. The sample was rather small and I have only used it a few times but those times that I did use it I was pleased with how it felt going on. The skin under my eye area tends to be a bit sensitive and dry at times, so I have to be careful about what I put around that area. This cream did not irritate my eyes or skin and left it feeling soft and made it easier to apply makeup. To apply just use your ring finger and gently massage into fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. Best used twice daily, morning and evening. Unfortunately, my experience with this product will be limited because of the fact that it is quite pricey.


Round Lake, IL


Wei East Wrinkle Relief Eye Cream with Lotus Seed Collagen

3.8 4