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Wei East
Wei East China Herbal Hand and Body Perfection

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Hands down, the best hand/body/foot lotion that I've ever used!


Wei East China Herbal Hand & Body Perfection leaves skin feeling lush, soft and supple. Wei East uses herbal solutions that nourish and support skin. You skin actually appears healthier after the first use. Such a treat!! The Wei East China Herbal Hand & Body Perfection contains the secrets of Chinese herbs and delivers beauty benefits to your skin. This is a rich and silky cream that helps soften, soothe and moisturize dry, rough skin. It is not thick or greasy in any way. One application has long-lasting effects. This formula helps maintain the delicate texture of young-looking hands and the results are actually visible. My uses: Hands (smoothes skin and softens cuticles) Arms (paying close attention to my elbows) Legs Feet Wei East offers pampering formulas that are seriously a pleasure to put on. They use Chinese plants and roots such as ginseng and ginkgo seed, which are harvested at carefully selected stages to obtain the highest quality. You feel like your indulging in a product that is very expensive but its not!!! Scent Light, lovely scented Absorption Exceptional aborption Effectiveness Long-Lasting


Houston, TX


gentle and good for all skin types


I love Wei products and this is one of her best. I was a sun worshiper for all of my younger years and now it shows. If it wasn't for this product, it would show alot worse. It leaves my skin smooth and smells great.


Bloomsburg, PA


Wei East China Herbal Hand and Body Perfection

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