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Ms Wei is the real thing


imagine loving a product so much that you look for places to share it. Ive been using Wei for about 10 years. She has multiple products to fit our ever changing skin and body needs. From her eye pads drenched with over 30 herbs from China to white lotus face cream to golden seal regime for healthy glowing skin- I use them all for different climates, times of years etc. All her products come from her herb farm in China, having had the delight to speak to her on air once, finding she is as pleasant and knowledgeable as portrayal. Make no mistake this isn't "miracle" in a jar, just good good effective stuff, I cant say enough about it! Absorption amazing absorption, not greasy of oily Doesn't Clog Pores just good smooth healthy herbal creams and lotions that don't clot pore Effectiveness nothing is magic! however that said with continued use this line will Improve your skin, healthy alive beautiful skin



These products are layered & feel greasy, not moisturizing!!!


These products are layered and too greasy.  They don't feel good on the face at all.  I have tried several different combinations of this product and have left me feeling cheated by fake promises as can be true for many products.

Kearney, NE


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