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Weed Eater
Weed Eater Featherlite Blower

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Handy little blower


My job in the yard is typically clean up after all of the mowing and trimming has been done. I bought this leaf blower to keep my sidewalk and driveway clear and I love it. It is super light so it is perfect for me (or one of my kids) to use. It also has a lot of power, so it gets the job done. Weight This is the main selling point for me. Who wants to lug around a heavy leaf blower in the blazing hot sun? I wanted something that was light weight yet powerful, and this is the perfect leaf blower that has both of those qualities. Performance This little blower gets the job done. I haven't had any issues whatsoever out of the performance. It keeps all the leaves, grass, and debri blown off of my sidewalk and driveway. Ease of Use So easy my 8 year old can use it. Durability Two years and still going strong. I haven't had any mechanical issues out of it yet. It still has the same power as the day I bought it and I use it quite frequently.

Hendersonville, NC


Easy on the girls!


This is one of those items I never saw myself buying until I started getting older. Now that I have one I wish I had bought one sooner! You see, I'm just a girl who loves yard work and these days I find myself buying "lawn toys" that make it easier so I can still enjoy doing what I love! This leaf blower is so light weight that I can use it for an extended period of time without getting tired. It always starts right up for me which I love becuase I don't like to have to tinker with something to get it started. It's gas powered so I don't have to worry about a cord and I can go anywhere with it. My neighbor came over to check it out and I let him try it. He liked it so much that he went and bought his own. It's also cheaper than some of the other brands I looked at and was told by the department manager that if I didn't like it I could exchange it. No need for that! I even blow my other neighbors grass off the sidewalk just because I love using it!



Weed Eater Blower


I have several other weed eater products, and I was dissapointed in this one. My mowers run well and while they aren't the best machines on the block they cut grass reliably and affodably. This leaf blower, howewever, takes me more time to fiddle with it and get it running than it would to just rake my yard. I have tried cleaning the carb, cleaning and gapping the plug with no luck. I have never seen something with a primer ball not even give a put when I pull, but there it sits. I pull so many times that my figers get sore, it is a frustrating, cheap, plastic product. I find even the handle seems cheesy, as I pull I feel the whole thing flex. I would recommend a better brand. You will pay more but will get a machine that runs well and requires less tinkering each fall. To those of you who gave it a good review, I need to know your secret, for I have tired talking nice and mean to it, and neither have worked so far.

Marietta, PA


My weedeater 1500 leaf blower is a Great machine easy to use.


I generally would use a plastic fan shaped rake to clean up the leaves in our yard that accumulate every year at this time.  By the way we do not have any tress so I wonder where the leave come from when the wind blows hard here where we live  Hmmm!  I bought my Weedeater 1500 blower because I have developed arthritis in my hips, knees and spine and can no longer do the raking by hand because of the discomfort and pain it causes me.  The  Weedeater 1500 blower is very powerful and creates a blowing wind rate of over 70 miles per hour. I have a lot of fun blowing the leaves into piles at different areas of our front yard and make a game of it.  My neighbor comes over to pick them up and put them into the compost container.  Sometimes this is difficult for him due to the fact that we have sudden gusts of wind here and when that happens it is back to the drawing board which makes for a very interesting portion of our time outside.  You will not be diappointed in the performance of the Weedeater 1500 blower.  It is durable, lightweight and very easy to use.  Winter is here and the leaves have been gathered up at our house and now I can relax and enjoy my activities on my computer for the rest of the winter season.  I feel like a kid getting away with something but being retired is fun and playing games and doing surveys on the computer is fun also.  God bless you all! 

Quincy, WA


Weed Eater Featherlite Blower

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