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Weed Eater
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Weed Eater Barracuda

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plenty of power


This is a good blower/vac. It has lasted for quite a few spring and fall clean ups. My only problem is with the vacuum tube attachment. I had to add a screw to keep the vac tube from continuously falling off. Just had to add this... just last fall (2012), the zipper on the bag when kaflooey. That means it's only used as a blower now. Cheap plastic zipper.... Durability except the vac bag zipper Durability except the vac bag zipper, made of plastic, no longer functions. I haven't checked to see if I can get replacement bag, probalt price prohibitive even if I can find on.


Prior Lake, MN




We have a lot of trees by our house. Over one hundred and ten oak trees out our front door. We used to rake these all by hand, with a regular hand rake. Imagine this. It literally took days. Created a lot of pain on our hands too. We decided to get a leaf blower to ease the pain and free up time. This leaf blower was an excellent price. It is very powerful yet it is also very light weight. It also has a vacuum attachment on the blower. It really gets the job done and gets up all of these leaves. The vacuum sometimes is not as strong as it should be, so we use the blowing part more. It is not too loud either. It also has muliple settings. It is easy to start as well. My husband uses it more than I do, but when I do use it, it is very easy for me to handle and I am not that strong. I do not feel like it is running me or pulling me around. As with all these, it is best to wear ear protection, even though not super loud, it still can do hearing damage.


Placerville, CA


Weed Eater Barracuda

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