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Weed Eater
Weed Eater 21" Rear Bag Lawn Mower

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I know this mower is most likely discontinued, but here's the story. So my father bought this mower about 14 years ago, and at that time he barely knew about mowers except that he had to mow the lawn weekly and refill the mower with gas, and that was it. For 10 straight years my dad never changed the oil (I don't blame him he didn't know about mowers) and never changed the blade or cleaned it after each mow. I don't know how the mower kept going with 10 year old oil and the 10 year old blade. Now me and my dad know much more about lawn mowers so it is very well taken care of. But all I know is that this mower is very very and surprisingly good.


Clover South Carolina


the weedeater lawnmower is not worth the 160.00 it costs


i purchased a weedeater lawnmower 3 years ago and my mother purchased a weedeater lawnmower 2 years ago, and as of right now neither one of them work. my weedeater lawnmower handle broke after fourth use, fixed it, idle bar came loose around a year after purchase fixed that and finally after 2 years of ownership the part that pushes fuel to engine came dislodged, rigged it to work several times until it could not be rigged anymore. so it has made its way to the scrap yard. would be more understandable if children were using it and being careless by running over things or running under or into stuff, but that is not the case. my husband and myself are the primary lawn mowers with our own lawn being the only lawn mowed with the weedeater lawnmower and our yard is emaculate meaning nothing in it to run over into or under. very disgusted with this product and do not feel we got our monies worth. my mother had almost the same problems except her idle bar did not come loose and her lawn mower is in the scrap yard now as well. i would not recommend the weedeater lawnmower to anyone. the only positive thing i can say about the weedeater lawnmower is that while it did run for the first four times without incident it cut the lawn beautifully. so if you would like to spend 160.00 to mow your lawn four times and then a total of 75.00 in fixing it in order to mow it again for a year or take pleasure in constantly fixing things then by all means buy the weedeater lawnmower, but if you dont like hassles and want quality i would suggest that you dont even stop to take a second look at it.


Liberty, KY


Good price for a modest lawn mower.


With a typical sized yard in a modest subdivision, the Weed Eater mower with rear bag has been the perfect tool for maintaining a lawn the size of ours. Throughout the spring and summer, it provides a consistent trim to our lawn. On the occasion when the grass gets a little higher than it should, the mulch bag that can be attached to the back of the mower keeps us from having to go back over the freshly cut lawn with a rake to clean up the clippings. In the autumn season, this mower is also a very useful and effective tool. By raising the cut height to its highest setting and attaching the mulch bag to the back of the mower, I am able to go over our yard and mulch/collect a large majority of the fallen leaves on our lawn. While this requires multiple trips to a mulch pile to empty the bag, it sure beats raking! Once the yard is finished, the remaining leaves are a much less difficult task to tackle with a large majority of them mulched and/or already collected.


Urbana, IL


great mower for a small to medium yard


I'm in my 4th year with this mower and I still love it.Its a good mower for the money.The rear bag and side discharge work well.Even after spending long winters in the garage it still starts on 2 or 3 pulls.After that first start it starts on the first pull every time.I really like the fact that this mower has a 3 in 1.it has side discharge,mulches,and GRASS CATCHER.this is a fine mower.It has ease of use and handling.No prblem with thick grass it really cuts a fine yard.it still has the original spark plugs and no issues with the briggs and stratton engine at all.some of the features are its part of the 500 series,deck is 21",158cc briggs and stratton engine.it has a 5 position height adjustment.the wheel in the front is 7" and the wheel in the rear is 12 ".best of all it comes fully assembled.it weights 71lbs and is made in the old us of a.The blades need to be sharpened or replaced in 2 years.This is a great mower and for the money I don't think you can do any better


Louisville, KY


Weed Eater 21" Rear Bag Lawn Mower

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