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Weber Style 6434 Professional-Grade Vegetable Basket

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Not Just For Vegetables!


In the summer I do a lot of cooking on the grill and that means coming up with different ways to cook fish, vegetables and cubed meat without having to use skewers. While I do love using skewers for doing meat and vegetable kabobs if I am having more than five or six people over for dinner it takes too long to cook things that way. My solution came in the form of the professional grade vegetable basket; I have had other products like this in the past but this is the one that has lasted the longest and cleans up the easiest. I have two grills; one is charcoal and one in propane; I can use this basket on either of them but it is easier to use with the propane grill because I can completely close the lid on that grill whereas the round charcoal grill lid hits the sides of this so there is about a one inch gap. That doesn't really change the way that the items inside the basket are cooked but if you are able to completely close the lid you can lock in more of the flavor. I have used this with all types of vegetables and meats; if you want to do a stir fry dish you can use this to be able to toss the items without having them stick however you need to have this on the grill and heated properly before you add anything. You can spray it with a non-stick spray before you put it on the grill, never use a spray on this once it has been placed on the grill even if there are no flames visible. I use a metal spatula to flips the vegetables and the inside of it still looks great; it is easy to clean up but if you are using anything with a sauce or something that is sticky you may need to soak it for about twenty minutes to loosen things up. The vents on the bottom and the sides of the basket allow for a lot of air flow but keep things from falling out of the sides and through the bottom.



Weber Style 6434 Professional-Grade Vegetable Basket

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