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Weathertite tilt-in replacement windows

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One of the best investments I have made in my home.


Twelve Weathertite Windows were installed in our home in early December 2008. They are wonderful! They are easy to maintain and the installation was quick and almost painless. Vinyl was installed around each window, inside and out, which eliminated the need to paint. They look so nice and have added value to our home. We did have to have the installers return to clean up some caulking left on the glass, but otherwise, we were quite satisfied. The salesman was very professional and not too pushy. He came right to our house with a model window and demonstrated how it works. The only problem we had was that we weren't given much time to digest the information and make a decision. We had to say yes or no right then. We were allowed, however, to cancel within three days. Financing was taken care of with one telephone call and completion of a form. Everything was handled the same evening. I am certainly glad that we didn't cancel! Although we will be paying for our windows for over a year, I'm sure that they will pay for themselves in energy saved.

Mercer, PA


Easiest windows to operate.


Weathertight windows are the easiest windows to open, close and clean.  We had 4 of these installed in our garage.  They were a little on the expensive side, but well worth the money.  The windows really added to the garage.  Windows are maintenance free on the inside and outside.  Only negative item it they want to put a sign in your front lawn advertising their product.

Milwaukee, WI


Weathertite tilt-in replacement windows

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