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WeatherWorks Home Cookin Toaster Oven

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Burns everything!


I had an old toaster oven that had previously been my moms for years, and it finally went out on us, so I went shopping and found this one and it was on sale ad a really great deal so I picked it up and brought it home to try it out. We use a toaster oven for a lot of things and usually every day, so it is an important appliance in my home. My son was the first one to try this out and as I hear my smoke detector going off I run down to find some toast burnt horribly. I figured he had it on a wrong setting so I turned it down as low as it would go and put some new toast in. It almost instantly burned it. No matter how much I would fiddle with the temperature on it, it always burned anything that I put in there and it did it really fast! I was so unhappy with it and their customer service when I called them about the problems that I just took it back and bought a different one, this unit is not worth the time or the money.



WeatherWorks Home Cookin Toaster Oven

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