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Wearever CushionAir Pizza Pan

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A Decent Pan But Use A Cutting Board For Slicing


When I have a chance to make a better pizza at home I never pass up the opportunity to try a new pizza stone, baking pan or baking sheet. This one will work for fresh or frozen pizza as well as ones made from homemade dough but some types of dough will end up sticking if you don't preheat the pan before placing the pizza on it. This happens more with fresh (take and bake) pizzas than with frozen pizzas. The pan is well made and can support a pizza when removing it from the oven; it allows for even cooking of the dough but it doesn't deliver the same type of crisp crust that you would get baking it directly on the rack. That's not an option when you are making a pizza from fresh dough but most of the take and bake pizzas are going to be firm enough to not lose its form when placed on a bare rack. This is dishwasher safe but I hand wash and air dry it. I don't recommend cutting pizza in this because you could end up with dents in the aluminum and that could lead to rust. It's almost sixteen inches wide so it will work for most large pizzas; if you have something smaller than that you are going to want to make sure that the pizza is centered on the pan so that it cooks evenly. If nothing else, this allows for even heat distribution when the pizza is baking. Most of the time when I use this I only use it for the first ten to fifteen minutes of the baking process when I am making a fresh pizza. When the crust has firmed up I slide the pan out from under the pizza and allow it to finish baking. This allows me to have the crisp crust I want but allows the fresh dough to have enough time to become firm enough that it doesn't stick to the rack or sink down between the slats of the rack.



Use Pan To Bake Crispy Food


I use my Wearever Pizza Pan to bake pizza, but I also use it to bake lots of other food that I want to be crispy such as frozen chicken patties, French fries, onion rings, and fish sticks. If the directions call for you to turn over half way through, I will usually still do that, but with this pan that is not really necessary because the holes allows items to cook evenly on both sides. Performance This pan performs well at baking pizza and similar items. Ease of Cleaning Because of its large size, it can be awkward to clean this pan. Durability This pan is sturdy and appears to be well made. Design Having all of the tiny holes in this pan really makes it work differently for any food that you want to bake up crispy. If I cook certain items in a regular cookie sheet or baking pan, the food is cooked, but it does not turn out crispy. Baking food on this pan really makes a difference on food like pizza or frozen fried food where you want a crispy crust. Doesn't Stick This pan doesn't normally stick, but I have baked a few items that have stuck a little.



Makes yummy pizza!


I own 2 of the Wearever cushionAir pizza pans and I really love them. They have holes in the bottom to allow the pizza to cook thoroughly and evenly. Our big family loves to cook pizza often, and these pans make it easy. The one drawback to these pans is that because there are holes in the bottom, when you oil them, you get oil on your counter-top or whatever you are doing them on. It makes a bit of a mess, but it's not too big of a deal. When the pizza comes out of the oven, it slides right off the pans, no sticking at all! It makes for easy clean-up since I don't have to scrub the pans forever. They make the crust taste perfect everytime! If you are a pizza loving family, I'd recommend these pans!

Shermans Dale, PA


Wearever CushionAir Pizza Pan

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