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Wawel - Dark Chocolate 90% Cocoa Bar

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A dark Polish chocolate, Wawel has me hooked!


Available at most Polish American grocers, Wawel's dark chocolate bars are a heart healthy snack I love to indulge in on occassion. The 3.5 oz. bars last me a week or more. Chocolate is big business in Poland and Wawel is one of the most popular brands delivering a product packaged in a look that will be familiar to most fans of Godiva. Save for the Polish language descriptions. Speaking of the language barrier, it will be important information to some that this is a Czekolada Gorzka, which means it's a bitter chocolate. A rose by any other name if you ask me. Not really sweet and that's what I like most about it. If you are used to sickly sweet American chocolate and find the darks too bitter, this one isn't for you. If you appreciate a chocolate that favors cocoa's natural lightly bitter flavor, it's one of the best you can buy. I'm not much on American chocolates and am glad to have access to this brand. Wawel makes all kinds of Polish chocolates many of which are carried in Polish markets here so it's worth a trip to a few to see what they offer. For the less adventurous Wawel is available online. 

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Wawel - Dark Chocolate 90% Cocoa Bar

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