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Waterpik Shower Massage 4 Mode Shower Head #SM-451

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This showerhead is a great, economical showerhead. As it comes with a hose to use for adjustable height and length, it's very appropriate for elderly people as well as others. I cared for an elderly lady, and this was very helpful for her as she sat in her shower chair and showered. It was great with length and a great amount of spray. Although it is very plain and doesn't blend well with normal silver shower decor, it's cheaper and useful. Ours lasted 7-10 years. By the end it was beat up, but that was from a LOT of wear and use over the years. It did get mildew on it but that cleans off well. The only thing I can think of that could be improved, was the hose eventually cracked near the top, and started spraying. Once, again, this was after a LOT of wear, so it's to be expected. I believe most any hose exposed to wear and water over that length of time would do the same. That was the only thing that stopped us from using ours, and needing to purchase a new one. Design Allows water to spray all over body very well. Good coverage. Durability Still in great working condition. Mineral buildup does occur on little water spouts, but comes right out with your fingernail!

Lancaster, CA


Waterpik shower head is quite the pick!


I love this shower head. It is the best idea ever. The fact that you can clean anywhere on your body is amazing, no more limitations. Plus it is nice to have for people that are injured, had surgery or are elderly, they cannot always get to everything. They are also a lot cleaner. The massage function is nice for those days you come home from a long day at work, and your neck and back are all stressed and tense, and then you get in the shower and let massager function on the shower head ease all the pain of the day away. It truely is a gift. The first time I used it I was hooked because between the hot water and massager I felt so good, it was invigorating. I was able to go to sleep. It is easy to clean, and it stays clean. It gives your body a thorough clean as well. It gets your  hair cleaner also, and all you have to do is take it off the holder and put it where you need it. it is so easy. I can't get over it. I love it.

Corinth, NY


Great product for an affordable price


I am reviewing the Waterpick SM-451. This product was purchased by us before Thanskgiving and has been a great addition to our shower. It gives nice clear streams of water and makes the shower look nice by it's white color and clean look.

Maricopa, CA


Waterpik Shower Massage 4 Mode Shower Head #SM-451

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