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Waterpik Cordless Dental Water Jet WP-360

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Cordless dental water jet


I've been using this for years and kept buying the same model due to price. It did its job, my gums and teeth have been fine. A waterpik is a necessity to your oral hygiene. Theres only two settings which is high and low. I've never used low because I needed the water pressure. Now I used the ultra water jet and I dont think I can come back to this product. The cordless is childs play compare to the ultra. I do have issue cleaning this model. I would have to soak canister with alcohol and run the product, hoping to get rid of whatever residue is left behind. It does accumulate mildew if you don't clean often.

Springfield PA


Just Got this for Christmas and So Far I LOVE It!


I recently decided to step up my effort towards my oral health and received this Waterpik for Christmas to help support me in my endeavor. So far, I am loving it! It is so much quicker than regular flossing and my teeth feel so exceptionally clean, at first I didn't even want to bother with following my Waterpik with brushing my teeth! I don't completely believe that using a Waterpik can 100% replace regular flossing, so I instead use the Waterpik to supplement my regimen because there have been times that I've found debris stuck between my teeth even after using the Waterpik. I Waterpik twice a day and I floss once a day, and so far that seems to be working great for me. The only other thing about this Waterpik is that it runs out of water pretty quick, I end up refilling it about three times per use, but this surprisingly is not as tedious as I thought that it would be, it's kind of just part of the routine now. All in all, so happy I have it!



Works like it should and easy to use.


I bought this product for my son, 8 years old, who just got a metal spacer put in his mouth. It is very easy to use and works great. It's small and takes up minimal counter space. I like that it is cordless and it holds a charge very well. I was sure to charge it for the suggested 24 hours prior to use, which probably helped.

Brea, CA


Great Water Flosser by Waterpik


I recently got this water flosser and I really like it. The pressured water feels kind of like a gum message. It is nice not to have to reach my whole hand in my mouth in order to floss my back teeth and the water makes your mouth feel nice and refreshed. It is a little difficult to not spray water everywhere but after a few uses you get the hang of it. It may not be the most attractive thing to watch someone do either but it works great and cleans inbetween your teeth thoroughly. My daughter likes to use it as a mouth rinse after brushing her teeth. The downfall is the water runs out so quickly and you have to keep refilling it but it is not that much of an inconvenience. Overall, great product.

Southwest, MI


Waterpik Cordless Dental Water Jet WP-360


Waterpik Cordless Dental Water Jet WP-360 is a portable, rechargeable version of the Waterpik Dental Jet WP-100.  Unlike it's brethren, it is disappointing product.  It is loud, bulky, and pretty ineffective.  It has two pressure settings (high and low) but the difference is very small and both setting do not give ample pressure for a good cleaning.  Like the WP-100, it come with various tips but no type of storage product.  The lack of pressure renders other tips useless anyhow.  The reservoir is small too.  For something portable it is fairly large and bulky and not convenient for travel.  The water pik is loud when in use and has a high pitch sound which can get annoying.  It is a rechargeable product and it lasts quite a few cycles before it needs recharging.  Though the lack of pressure doesn't make for a thorough cleaning, it can get a quick squirt cleaning done.  If the company can find a way to increase pressure slightly it can make for a worthwhile product.  Until then, get a competitor product in the Panasonic EW1270AC Portable Oral Irrigator

San Diego, CA


Waterpik Cordless Dental Water Jet WP-360

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