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Power Flosser
Waterpik Battery Powered Flosser

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Water Pik battery powered flosser can go on the road


Water Pik battery powered flossers are extremely versatile. Since they run on AA batteries it can go anywhere any time without needing a charge just replace the battery. Water Pik battery powered flossers have replacable flossing heads that come in an easy to use container. Unlike manual floss it is easy to get the floss in you mouth without a bunch of fingers and hands being in the way. I have  a hair trigger gag reflex and really had stopped flossing my teeth because all the fingers and hands bothered me. When I found Water Pik's battery powered flosser that settled the worry for me. It worked quite well in my mouth without causing a gag reflex. I have one small complaint about this flosser but really for me it is true with any floss. In the back my teeth are so close together that sometimes I can't get the Water Pik Flosser in between the teeth. If I wait a day or two my teeth shift then I can get in between my back teeth. The Water Pik Flosser is a fine product.

Cabot, PA


Waterpik Battery Powered Flosser

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