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WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine with Monitor

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It's pricy, but it gets the job done!


I love to row.  I think it's a great exercise.  It's just too darn cold to get out on the lake during the winter months.  The gym I go to doesn't have an indoor rower, so a pal suggest I order one of these.  I gotta tell you, it takes a bite outta your wallet at first, but it's worth it, man.  I can't say it's the same feel as rowing on water, but where are you gonna put the oars if you got them going on an indoor machine!  I'm a big guy, 6ft, and 260.  So, some gym equipment is just too lightweight for me.  Not this rower, it's meant for all sizes.  It keeps my back and legs, as well as arms and abs in shape during the winter months.  It's a great workout for when I can't get outdoors due to weather.  It runs like a champ, very sturdy.  It's got electronics on there to measure distances/speed and stuff, guess that's typical.  I alternate days with this and my elliptical, and I got a full workout going on!

Saint Simons Island, GA


Water Rower: Expensive machine but great exercise


I have mixed opionions on the water rower that I recently purchased.  The rower is a big investment and it is not a machine that I can use everyday.  It targets very specidic muscle groups and I find my body too sore from one session to complete another one the next day.  I have even tried changing the intensity, duration or type of workout.  I consider myself a very fit person and did not anticipate this issue.  I have used the rower in the gym now and then and figured that after I purchased it my body would adjust and I could use it on a faily basis.  After a few months, this has not proven to be the case.  I do find it to be an amazing workout, so amazing that I am too sore to do it the next day.  It works the back, core, arms, calves and hamstrings.  This rower has different programs that allow you to vary your routine.  It is also very easy to use and fits my feet well.  The bar is easy to grip as well.

Travelers Rest, SC


A water rower does it all!!


A water rower is the best piece of exercise equiment for all!  It does the entire body!  I can have a complete class and get every possible muscle including the abs!! If you are interested in working out efficiently then a water rower is you rbest bet.  It takes care of your cardio and resistance training all in one.  There is no need to move from exercise equipment every few minutes.  Sit on the rower and complete your entire body work out in 30 minutes!  I reccomend it to all of my clients!  Even better is the fact that it stands up and takes up only 8 inches of space on the floor when not in use  Run out and buy one today and get started to a better healthier you!!

Boxford, MA


WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine with Monitor

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