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Water Tech
Water Tech Catfish Battery Powered Rechargeable Cleaner for Pools and Spas


The Catfish Rechargeable Cleaner makes spot cleaning your pool or spa a breeze.

Its lightweight design makes it perfect for small kiddie or wading pools and spas, yet versatile enough for large pools. The Catfish has a powerful internal pump with a large filtration bag vacuums up dirt, debris, sand and grit. Since Catfish is battery operated there are no cumbersome hoses or electrical cords. Its powerful electric motor is rechargeable and completely safe. Catfish will run up to 35 minutes on a single charge. The unit can be hand held or attached to a telepole for deeper areas of the pool. Comes with a crevice corner nozzle for cleaning tight areas.

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Poor suction


This pool vacuum has many things that could use improvement. First of all, the description of this vacuum suggests that it is capable of cleaning an entire swimming pool. This is NOT true. I guess if you have next to nothing that needs to be cleaned out of the pool, it would be ok, but if you actually want to clear debris from your pool this vacuum is not going to cut it. The suction needs some serious help. Second of all, it is battery powered which means that it has to be recharged. If you have a decent sized pool, you are not going to be able to make it through an entire cleaning without having to recharge it. I have actually had to clean half of the pool, and then finish the rest after a couple of hours of charging. That is ridiculous. Now, if you have a very small pool, one that doesn't require much cleaning, or a small spa maybe then this vacuum may work for you. As for the price, you can't complain in that area. It is very low priced but you should definitely keep in mind that you are getting exactly what you pay for! I don't think I would recommend this to anyone. I think there are many far better options out there even if they are a little pricier.

Hendersonville, NC


Missing suction power and can't hold charge


I purchased the Water Tech Catfish Cleaner for my small above ground pool and it has been satisfactory at removing debris, but very time consuming. This cleaner does have enough power to suck up leaves, dirt, and thin tree branches, but it takes multiple passes over the debris to accomplish the goal. I could live with this low level of suction, but this device barely holds a charge long enough to clean my small pool. After about 30 minutes this cleaner becomes useless and I have to recharge it for 2 hours just to get minutes of suction. During the summer I can get away with a single charge because there isn't much debris, but when it's time to clean the pool during the fall it becomes a lengthy process. On a positive note I am impressed with the amount of debris this little filter bag can hold before I have to empty it. I would only recommend the Water Tech Catfish Cleaner for very small pools/hot tubs and for people who don't mind starting and stopping the cleaning process to recharge the battery.

Westchester, IL


Water Tech Catfish Battery Powered Rechargeable Cleaner for Pools and Spas

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