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Water Pik Oral B

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The Oral B Water Pik gets the gunk out


I've always had deep pockets and my gums have gotten steadliy worse over the years.  Flossing is a pain for me because I have a small mouth and my teeth are tight against each other.  My husband bought me the Oral B Water Pik about a month ago.  Am suppose to use it twice a day but I only have been using it once a day.  My gums are no longer sore all the time and I don't seem to be getting as much stuff out as the first couple of uses - I guess because the pockets are getting smaller also.  Pretty easy to use although I wish the reservoir was a bit larger as it seems to run out before I am done.  I like that it has different tips to for different purposes, the one for deep pockets is soft on my gums but I am not convinced that it really is getting anything out because you have to turn it to the lowest setting and since my deepest pockets are in the back i'm not sure that I have the tip in the pockets.  Using this can be a messy experience but it's worth wiping around the sink area just to have my mouth feel better.  Pluses would be the ease of getting the tips on and off with the button, I love the pause button when I remember to use it before I spit, and it's a whole lot easier and more effective than floss. 

Pensacola, FL


the water pic has reversed my gum diease


My denist suggested buying the oral b water pik he said i had a mild case of gum diease which could be reversed because of beginning stage  i bought one and love it its easy to use and clean you can buy different cleaning heads it comes with  4 different ones pluse 2 tounge cleaners its great for the family every one can have their own cleaning head and it all stores on top with a head holder , my husband was skepital at first but now i have to wait in line he uses it twice a day on worke week and  thrice on weekends. you can brush your teeth before you use it and you will still wash stuff out of your teeth its wonderfull i highly recomend it its worth every penny

Houston, TX


Water Pik Oral B

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