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Waring Pro Speed Professional Hand Mixer

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Best hand mixer I've tried!


After burning the motor out of several cheap hand mixers, I spent a bit more for this one. I couldn't be happier. The motor is very strong. It doesn't seem to get overheated, or bog down like cheaper mixers can do. I love that there are 10 speeds, and the timer is very convenient. Design It's a little heavier than other mixers, and very hard to balance on the bowl if you need a moment to grab something else. If the bowl is just the right size, you can balance it, but you can't really leave it resting for long.


Charleston Afb, SC


Waring makes a great hand mixer


I purhased the Waring 10 speed hand mixer to use for quick jobs so I did not have to get out my large Kitchen Aid mixer. It has stainless steel blades and also a blade guard. It also has a LCD light which shows the speed and also a timer on the handle which is handy when your receipe says to beat eggs for two minutes etc. It is lightweight and comfortable to hold. It has 2 beaters and the motor is 250 watts. This mixer is a dream to use as it is so easy to handle. You never have to look at a clock to time anything as it is right there on your handle and easy to read. My old mixer would not beat through a lot of things so I decided to get a new one. I think my old one was just worn out and tired. This one is so easy to use and beats everything great. Everything I have made with this mixer has turned out great.


Bentonville, AR


Waring Pro Speed Professional Hand Mixer

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