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4-Slice Toasters
Waring Pro
Waring Pro Professional Slice Toaster

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Great Toaster For The Money.


When my old toaster finally died, I searched for a replacement for quite a while. The Waring Pro 4 slice toaster met my power and feature requirements. I have not been disappointed. This toaster provides an even toast of the thickest slices across all 4 slots. While it is not what I call fast, it is well within the expected speed performance for a consumer toaster. I have been very happy with this toaster. Toasting Evenness My experience has been very positive in regards to the evenness of the toasting. Each slice is relatively consistent across all 4 slots and the depth and degree of toast is acceptably even on flat bread. Safety The toaster side remain cool to the touch as expected. As a word of caution: during the start-up procedures, you are asked to run the toaster at full power to burn off residual manufacturing oils. There is a lot of heat generated above the toaster during this procedure (or anytime it is run on all 4 slots at full power) and the placement of the toaster needs to be considered. I had mine under some overhead shelves and notice they were becoming quite hot, so I slid the toaster forward to prevent and damage to paint, etc. Ease of Cleaning The crumb trays are a bit lacking in this toaster. I would suggest moving the toaster over the sink or garbage can before emptying or you will probably have crumbs all over the counter. Durability So far, I have had no problems with the durability of this toaster. I have had it for over a year and it is holding up well. Design The toaster looks nice and fits in well with an array of other designs. My only criticism would be the very touchy dials. It is quite easy to accidentally turn this dials while cleaning, moving or just being in the vicinity of this toaster. This will lose your preferred toast-level... so make a mental note of it's position. Also, to cancel a toasting session, the dial must be turned all the way to the left, again, losing the toast-level.

Garland, TX


It is worth the money overall


I got this product for a pretty good price and like the fact that it is a four slice toaster that is a fairly decent size. With 2 children, it definitely helps to have a four slicer and the space to put it to, since i have such a small kitchen. It is very easy to clean and i like that the crumb tray can be removed by the front side instead of the back like some of the other toasters i have bought in the past. The only thing that i had to get used to, was how it toasted everything. It seems to work very very well and would over toast a lot of things when i first started using it. I had to figure out the perfect setting to place it on, otherwise my toast would be burnt. I don't really see any difference in the bagels when i use the bagel setting. I am not really sure what it is supposed to do. Other than all that, i would definitely buy it again next time as i have gotten used to it all now.

Greenville, SC


Love this toaster


**Waring Pro WT400 Professional 4 Slice Toaster** Finally, a toaster that gets it right. Toast will be done to perfection, every time you use this toaster. After having a basic two slice toaster forever, and never being happy with the quality, I decided to see if a better toaster really makes a difference. It sure does! There are enough settings to get your toast done just to your likeness, no matter light or dark. The settings are easy to read and figure out how to operate. It also works great on thicker english style muffins and bagels. It even has a defrosting feature that we use with bagels, and that works very well. Summary: Bread or bagels from freezer to your breakfast plate in a short time, and toasted to perfection. The unit is very sleek and stylish looking, and looks nice in the kitchen.

La Palma, CA


Waring Pro Professional Slice Toaster

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