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Waring Pro Electric Indoor Grill and Griddle

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Grill works well, coating flakes off fast


This grill has good features but the nonstick coating wears off after just a few uses. The grill is easy to use and easy to clean. However, the build of the body is less sturdy than desired. The cover on the bottom of the grill which covers over wiring came off when I was wiping it to clean it. That was disappointing and I believe can be fixed with another small piece of plastic or aluminum about the size of a credit card. The unit still works and I am still needing to make a new cover for the wiring. Easy cleanup of this grill makes it nice to own. The plates remove easily and food particles can be brushed off and washed quickly. I used a hand brush which has dish soap detergent squirted on it. I really like this grill, it is half the price of other comparable grills and I would give it five stars if the bottom plate had not come off and the nonstick coating of the plates had lasted longer.


Jacksonville, FL


Great Grill and Griddle.


I've been using my waring Grill and Griddle for a little while now and I absolutely love it. It cooks quickly and evenly. It's very easy to switch the plates for use a grill or griddle. Some care must be exercised when cleaning the plates so as not to damage the non-stick surface. The plates are dishwasher safe but I just clean them in the sink. Unless I've goten them really nasty I try to leave somewhat of a oil coating on them between uses. The plates get hot enough so that any bacteria is going to be killed when you crank up the heat. The included scraper doesn't work real well on the griddle plates, but I've found that a bristled nylon brush more easily cleans them. The only feature I would have also liked is to be able to adjust the legs so that it would slope and drain at the front corner. That was easily remedied by placing spacers under the legs. I couldn't say haw this compares to other grill / griddles as this is my first. I love it.


Thomasville, GA


Removable grill plates make clean up real easy on the Waring Pro


I never want to make a meal that I can't clean up during a commercial break. The Waring Pro Grill and Griddle makes clean up a snap. Just remove the grill plates rinse and place them in the dishwasher. It has 2 types of removable plates, the grill with the lines and the flat griddle for anything you can think of to cook. The grill also opens up flat to give you two cooking surfaces for pancakes and bacon or sausage. I make outstanding pork steaks on mine. This is great for a person who loves to cook.


Fort Lauderdale, FL


Move over GF grill!


I had a few of the GF grills but didn't care for them because they had no temperature control and my food burned on the outside and was raw on the inside.  I could only use it for a panini grill.  This waring pro grill solves all of those issues.  It has a temperature control.  It lays flat and it also has a set of griddle plates.  Nonstick is great.  I just wouldn't do without it.


Tulsa, OK


Waring Pro Electric Indoor Grill and Griddle

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