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Waring Juice Extractor, Quite White and Stainless Steel

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Sturdy Quality Basic Juicer


This is an old fashioned sturdy good quality juicer. It doesn't have any of those new fancy options to it but it is a good ol standard juicer. It does a good job; it is good quality; it lasts. I bought this years ago, used it, moved it, and used it again. The biggest problem with it is that you have to chop your fruits and veggies up -- it's not like the new ones where you can just dump an entire apple down them (at least mine isn't...I suppose the newer ones might be different). Mine looks just like the picture though. I like that, for mine anyway, everything the food touches is stainless steel and not plastic. Also, if you want to remove the smaller pieces of pulp mine has these strips you add to the interior that will completely strain out the pulp for those who, for health reasons or whatever, need it to be pure juice. Most people don't need that. And maybe the others have an easier setup, but again, for my purposes, it's been just fine.


Saint Louis, MO


Super good juicer


I have one of these juicers and couldn't live without it. I live on a farm, and we juice a lot of our produce. We have apple trees, so we make a LOT of apple juice during the Fall. This juicer can work all day without over heating. It really sucks the juice out of the flesh of the fruits and leaves you with almost dry remains. With the apples you can put in the stems and seeds, and it extracts the juice with no problem. The only negative thing I could say about this product is that the chute opening isn't that large. Most apples and larger fruits need to be cut into wedges so they fit in the hole. But even with that, it's an excellent juice with a strong motor. A work horse and an appliance that I really couldn't live without. Stability While in Use It sometimes shimmies a little. Ease of Cleaning Use the filter papers and it's very easy to clean. Without them, you will go nuts trying to clean the screens. Versatility/Number of Features One setting does it all.




Waring Juice Extractor, Quite White and Stainless Steel

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