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Waring Health Juice Extractor

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My customers love its juices.


I have used this juicer in my Bistro for more than a year with no problems, breakages, or complaints. My customers love my juices. I don't want them to know that they can have the same juices at home. They just need to buy this juicer. Pulp Setting Effectiveness Depends on what I am juicing. but it gives the right amount of vitamin, mineral, and fibrous pulp to the juices. Stability While in Use The wide base makes it almost impossible to tip over. Stays put on the countertop when in use. Ease of Cleaning All the parts come apart and are easy to hand wash or rinse off and run through the dishwasher. All parts are dishwasher safe. Durability Everything is still like new, even after a year of use and gallons upon gallons of carrot, spinach, apples, melon, etc juices. Versatility/Number of Features Not many features, which makes it pretty simple to use. Tough for the everyday person to mess up making juice. Design Well designed. It has an on/off switch. Juicer blades/grinder, spout, and stainless steel juice catcher that has volume measurements on its side.




Cheap, but is it really worth it?


Love drinking fruit and vegetable juices! Simple to use; however it seems that the machine wastes a lot of the good juices! Plus, you have to cut the pieces fairly small for it to fit in the hole. Then, you have to frequently remove the extra pulp, before you can even fill up the cup! Ease of Cleaning Once there gets to be a lot of pulp on the wired strainer, depending on what you juiced, cleaning can be very difficult. I had to use brushes to get all the excess pulp out, and after all that work, you just want another cup of juice! Durability I've had mine for several of months, and it works just fine. The wired basket requires some extra scrubbing; but when I get lazy, I just buy a new one. That is the only thing i have had to replace since I purchased this! Versatility/Number of Features There is only one feature. The on-off switch is the only way to make juices. All vegetables and fruits are juiced in one way. There is no way to have different settings for the different types of fruits and juices. Design I think if the hole for the vegetables and juices were bigger, the juicer would be better! You are required to a lot of the little work to get juices.


Gardena, CA


Good juicer, but I don't like cleaning it


I got this as a birthday or christmas present one year and I like it. I don't use it as often as I used to now that I have a powerful blender for making smoothies where I can throw in the whole fruit, but this juicer does a good job at what it's supposed to do. I have juiced all the normal fruits and vegetables and it does a good job of getting all the juice out them to give me a super potent, healthy drink. However, I am not a big fan of cleaning it and I do feel like I should be doing something with all the stuff that I throw away (if only I composted . . . ). They give you a little wire brush to clean the inner part but I just have to keep track of it since I don't use the juicer on a day to day basis anymore. It also takes up space in my cabinets, as I seem to collect small kitchen appliances. However, any juicer would so if you are going to use it that is not really your issue but mine. It has held up well for the time I have had it and I have not had any problems with it so far. Bottom line, if you are definitely getting a juicer and want one that works well and stands the test of time, this is a good one for the price. If you are wondering if you should get a juicer, you should weigh usage vs space issues and cleaning.


Reston, VA


Will get blood from a turnip


We got this juicer as a wedding gift. It will get juice out of ANYTHING you put in it. However, clean up is atrocious! It leaves difficult pulp in it's filter, and the stainless steel cup that it blows into acts like a honeycomb in a dust storm- everything sticks to it! I've never had so much trouble cleaning any of my appliances. Also, if you don't have a recipe book, prefer to "wing it", or don't have experience blending fruits and veggies-- you may have a hard time making drinks that don't taste like dishwater. We have never once made a drink we didn't have to choke down. I think I'll stick to making smoothies in our blender instead. Also, it takes up a lot of space on the counter, and the cord is too short for my liking.


Sandy, UT


Save your money on all juicers!


There's a new juicer on the market from Montel Willams that you can even make soup in it. It's sold @ various place just google it and see what you get, it comes with receipe book and you can generally find a discount coupon is you gooogle that as well.


Spring Hill, TN


The Waring Pro Juicer helps enhance a healthy diet.


After hearing several friends rave about the health benefits of carrot juice, I began purchasing it at the grocery store to add to "green" smoothies for my family. We could barely taste the addition and it gave us an extra punch of nutrients to round out our diet for the day. The problem is carrot juice is SUPER expensive. For Christmas, my sister decided to help us out and surprise us with this juice extractor. I haven't had it very long, but am excited to get the carrot juice going. This juicer is super easy to assemble and clean. It only takes a couple of minutes to rinse the parts clean. The juicer produces a decent amount of juice and does so quietly. My daughter who is usually afraid of the loud blender was fine being close to the juicer while it was running. The juicer also looks great on the countertop. Beautiful stainless steel with a generous-sized cup to catch the juice. I recommend this juicer and am excited to get more use out of it soon.


South Bend, IN


I love my Waring juicer for it's ease of use.


I love my Waring JEX328 400 Watts Juicer for it's ease of use. I simply add my fruits and vegetables one at a time depending on the size and density of each, and in minutes I have a delicious and nutritioustreat. It is a great way for me to get my daily vitamins and minerals without taking a lot of extra supplements. I can also get my grandchildren to consume vegetables they would not eat alone, simply by adding more fruit that they love. The Waring juicer is an economical and necessary addition to today's kitchen.


Raleigh, NC


Waring Health Juice Extractor

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