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Waring Double Belgian-Waffle Maker


What’s better than one perfectly baked, golden brown Belgian Waffle? TWO! The Waring Pro® Double Belgian Waffle Maker does just what it says it will do, baking two deep-pocketed big Belgian waffles at once – to the shade you like best. The unique rotating feature ensures that both waffles bake evenly on both sides. So whatever you top them with – whipped cream, syrup, berries, peaches or ice cream – doesn’t compete with the crunch. And the pockets are one-inch deep, so there is plenty of room for the kind of toppings that make a brunch more memorable and a dessert-to-die-for! And just to make sure every single waffle is perfect, Waring Pro® provides all the help you need: 2 LEDS for Heat-Up and Ready-to-Bake, 3 “Beeps” when waffles are done baking, and a thermostat/browning control to let you please all of the waffle lovers all of the time!

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Must Have Waffle Maker


Bought the Waring double waffle maker for our house after bying our daughter the Cusinart double waffle maker. Waring is much lighter, does a better job of cooking to desired crispiness and making sure the waffle is cooked all the way through. We and different types of ingredients once the waffle batter is in the waffle maker. This is a must and the price can't be beat for what you get. Has adjustable heating levels, flips, doesn't take long to finish and the clean up is too easy. Performance Never a bad waffle Settings/Features Plenty of heat control Ease of Cleaning Once seasoned there is no clean up needed. Don't use spray oil products in a waffle maker, it gums them up and makes the waffles stick. Ease of Use Mix batter, open, pour batter, close and flip. Repeat for second side. Don't overfill. Durability Ours is 4 yrs old, has traveled with us on vacations and is used at least 3 times a month.




What a Waffle Maker!


You cant go wrong with this waffle maker. It makes nice crisp waffles, with a soft interior! SO worth the cost Performance Keeps churning out waffles after waffles. Really helps that this is a double waffle maker. I can keep making waffles and feeding the kids with little down time. It heats back up quickly and the time between waffles is a couple minutes Settings/Features This has a dial for the color of your waffle preference. The nice coloring stays the same first through the final one. Ease of Cleaning Non-stick coating makes this a breeze to clean out. While we are eating, I just wet a paper towel and place it inside the warm plates. By the time we are finished eating, I only need to remove the cooled paper towels and wipe clean! Ease of Use This is as easy as it gets. 1) Plug in and heat your waffle maker 2) Pour your choice of batter inside 3) close and lock lid 4) Repeat with the second waffle plate 5) When the machine beeps, unlock, remove your perfectly done waffle and enjoy! Durability Its a professional series-they are made for abuse, or my family! I have had mine for probably 6 years now, and we use it at least a few times a month. My family is spoiled when it comes down to chicken and waffles. They are not happy campers when I make fried chicken without the waffles!


Ravenna, OH


Waring Double Belgian-Waffle Maker

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