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Waring Commercial Single-Speed Blender 700G

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always wanted one, not disappointed


I used to work in a restaurant and all of our blenders were waring. We sold numerous milkshakes and frozen drinks. I always wanted a waring because they worked so well day in and day out. I have not been disappointed, not once. I use it for EVERYTHING that can be put into a blender. It is a rock star. Durability HAd an issue with a blade breaking but it came from william sonoma so they replaced it. That was several years ago and haven't had an issue since.


Birmingham, AL


Powerful Waring Pro Blender


I bought the Waring Pro Blender about 4 months ago. I chose this one because I liked the housing. The sturdy glass jar has the sharp blade connected to it on the bottom, so it is easy to just plop the container onto the housing. It has just one speed, low or high. There are no worries about which speed does what. There is PLENTY of power to chop almonds, grind ice, and make cake and muffin mixes righ in the jar. Stats are: 550 Peak watts, sturdy high chrome dome base which does not wobble, even during the most arduous tasks, The Waring Commercial Blender lid fits tightly, and has a unique clover leaf design for more efficient blending, or so the company states. This is the main reason that I got this blender, for more efficient blending. I have used it for blending cake mix, which did an ok job. Also, when chopping almonds, it was a bit of a chore. It had to be done piecemeal. Nuts kept getting stuck in the blade, and didn't do a good job. Also, when doing what I thought was a VERY simple job, the machine had difficulty. I wanted to grind up crackers for a meatloaf, and found that it would have been easier to crunch up the crackers by hand. All in all, the Waring Pro is definitely powerful, but it does not live up to my expectations.


Marlborough, MA


Waring Commercial Single-Speed Blender 700G

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