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Waring 2-Speed Basic Bar Blender

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Good Basic Blender


My children got me this blender when the I broke my other glass blender container. I have used it several times to make milkshakes, frozen strawberry daiquiries, and margaritas. I like that it only has two speeds, I never used the other speeds on my old blender, usually just the high. The milkshakes turned out very smooth and creamy, the strawberry daiquiries were great, the strawberries were all blended, no unchopped hard pieces and the ice was also chopped up very well. I always start out with just a few cubes of ice and drop in more as it is blending. It is a little noisy, but then, so was my other one, especially when it was chopping up ice. It was more expensive than some of the cheaper brands but I am hoping it lasts as long or longer than my old blender which I had for about fifteen years. It was easy to take apart and clean. I don't know how it does in a dishwasher since I don't have one, but it was easy to clean up by hand. I would recommend this.


Rural Retreat, VA


Awesome, Awesome Blender


I just bought this Waring Pro bar blender to replace my 12 year old basic model Oster. I LOVE it. First, it come in red and I love red appliances. Secondly, the jar is glass rather than plastic which I think helps with the whole blending process. I love that there are olly two speeds. I think the multiple speed blenders are kind of a joke anyway. I mostly use the blender for making smoothies although I am drying for an occaision to make some really awesome margaritas as well. The best part of the blender is how well it incorporates frozen items into the drink. My previous blender would always leave chunks of ice and frozen fruit in the drink and while not aweful was not as smooth as it could be. This blender makes everything totally smooth and can blend thick drinks with no problem.


Littleton, CO


Waring Blender - Solid blender, but lacks multiple speeds


I have owned my Waring blender for over 5 years.  This thing has worked like a champ the whole time.  One time I blew a fuse in it when chopping ice, but that was because I overloaded it with ice before turning it on.  Beyond that, it has never failed me. In terms of how it works, the Waring has been great.  It chops up any food with ease.  Ice, for the most part, is never a problem, when making margaritas and other frozen drinks (just make sure you don't fill it top to bottom with ice).  And overall this thing works great. The one draw back of this blender is that it has two speeds, high and low.  After years of using my mother's blender with 10 speeds, this does take some time to get used to.  Granted, most of the speeds that this doesn't have are better provided by a food processor. Dispite the fact that it lacks a large aray of speeds, the Waring blender is highly recommended.  Should you need a blender that works and feels like it will last forever, the Waring is it.


Austin, TX


great for smoothies


Received this blender over a month ago, have been using it daily for fruit smoothies.  This blender has worked as advertised.  I am able to blend frozen fruit easily with adequate juice.  I often add a bit of ice cream to give a creamy texture to the smoothie drink.  This blender mixes everything very smooth.  There are no ice chunks remaining in the smoothie drink.  It appears to be very well made, it it heavy and sturdy.  The container holds a nice amount of drink, about enough for 4 nice size smoothie drinks.  The container is a hard well made plastic.  This blender is easy to wash, each piece comes apart nicely and cleans well.  I would reccomend this to friends because our family is happy with it.  I have purchased other blenders and the motor quickly breaks.  I am hoping that this blender will last for a long time.  It seems to have a nice amount of power.  I have not tried anything in this blender but frozen fruit and juice.


Lititz, PA


Waring 2-Speed Basic Bar Blender

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