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Wanchai Ferry
Wanchai Ferry Dinner Meal Kits

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We tried this like a year ago and we love it! It's hard to find these on the grocery shelves but I try to grab a few when I find them!!! If you don't want it too spicy then don't add all the peppers it comes with!!! :P if you like orange chicken from a restaraunt , you'll love this!!!

Toms River, NJ


Wanchai Ferry is perfect for my late night Chinese food cravings


My roommate and I got the Orange Chicken kit one night to fix for dinner before we watched a movie.  At first, I thought it would take a long time to fix and be very difficult. I was pleasantly surprised!!  It was simple enough to make, even in our dorm kitchen, and it was ready fairly quickly.  The kit included everything we needed except chicken, and the directions were easy to follow.  The meal had a lot of flavor and was pretty decent! (We left out the peppers because we didn't want it to be too spicy, but it was still really good!!)  I would definitely buy Wanchai Ferry again, and I would recommend it to other people.  It's ease and timeliness of preparation and completeness of most ingredients make it a great way to have a quick meal that tastes like it took about an hour to fix. It's practically fool proof too, as my roommate didn't exactly follow a few of the directions. It still came out wonderfully!  

Fayetteville, AR


Easy Chinese


I received a sample box of this product and surprised my husband with it one evening.  The directions were really simple to follow and pretty concise.  I liked that I only had to provide the chicken and the water to pull this meal together.I will admit that I am NOT a fan of Chinese, but we had the Orange Chicken variety and it really wasn't too bad.  I used diced chicken that was frozen rather than fresh chicken, and that could have made a difference in the taste.The rice never seemed to fully get cooked for me -- no matter how long I tried to let it set up.  My husband really liked it though and he loves food from the far East.  Me - I could take it or leave it really.

Raymore, MO


Not too good but good customer service


I tried the Kung Po Chicken.  We have had this many times before and it was always great.  Cooked it exactly as the directions said.  None of us liked it.  Thought it tasted terrible.  We ended up throwing it in the garbage.  I called the company the next day and told them of my dislike.  They were kind and caring of this.  Within a week they had sent me coupons for a free replacement.  Haven't tried the sweet and sour chicken yet.



Wanchai Ferry Dinner Meal Kits

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