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Walton ceramic tile

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Walton ceramic tile is easy to lay and looks good too!


Walton ceramic tile is an excellent tile to redo a kitchen floor. The tile is very easy to cut yet very sturdy after it is applied to the floor. The tiles come in an array of different textures and colors to meet almost anyone's need's. Sometimes, bigger isn't better when choosing the size of tile. Walton comes in sizes from 6" by 6" to 18" by 18". An 11" by 11" tile is perfect for kitchens, hallways, foyer's, and bathroom's. Application of Walton tile is very easy using any brand of flooring cement and spacer's up to 3/4" for your grout lines. The tiles have a lined edging that highlight the entire floor once it is layed. Most home improvement stores will carry at least some of the Walton line and you can always look it up on line for pricing Walton ceramic floor tiles come in a pourus and non pourus tile. If selecting a pourus tile, be sure to seal it before grouting. Make sure you buy enough of the same batch number and lot number of Walton when doing a project. There could be a slight color change of the tile with different batch number's.


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Walton ceramic tile

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