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Walmart Disney Bedroom in a Box - Tinkerbell

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While the Disney Bedroom in a Box is a little bit steep in price, it is super convent and cute! All of the parts are easy to put together, particularly the bed! I would definitely recommend this for anyone who has a kid who loves Tinkerbell! Plus it is all toddler friendly in regards to height!



a great bedroom set


I bought this bedroom in a box a few years ago for my daughter. I got it because I saw that bedroom furniture was very expensive and I wanted to find an affordable way to buy all of the furniture for my daughter's room to decorate it. This Disney kit is really cute and the furniture that is in it is very sturdy and is made of a great quality. This kit came with easy to follow instructions so that I was able to build it without any professional help. This came with all of the pieces in it and I did not have to call the manufacturer in order to try to get some extra pieces. This bedroom in a box has held up for a couple of years and I think that I will be able to last a few more years before my daughter starts to outgrow it. The Disney theme is great for girls and she said that she loved it a lot. The bed that it came with is nice and large enough for my daughter to be able to sleep comfortably without having to scrunch herself up.

Waterford, CT


Walmart Disney Bedroom in a Box - Tinkerbell

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