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Wallsauce.com is a store that allows you to make your own wall mural with your own pictures or with pictures that they provide. We have found it extremely helpful in decorating our kids rooms. We have had good experiences on this site, and I would recommend it to others who are looking for fun ways to decorate their house (especially if you don't have great artistic skills to do it yourself). Ease of Use It takes a little time to upload your own images and get them designed into the mural that you want, which is a downside. But the ability to customize your mural helps offset this time consumption. I have also found their instructions extremely helpful. It makes actually shopping on the site faster and smoother, but it also helps when using the products (the site tells how to prep the wall, put up the mural, take it down, etc). Product Selection With both stock photos and your own photos to use, the possibilities are almost endless. This is one of my favorite qualities about this site.




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