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Wallplate Warehouse

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Love Wallplate warehouse!


I wanted to have a cute wall plate for my toddler's bedroom, and didn't like the ones that the local home improvement stores had in stock so I did a Google search for them and found Wall plate Warehouse and found exactly what I wanted. The website has thousand different wall plates from simple designs to fancier more elaborate ones. I guarantee you if are looking for a upgrade from the basic plastic wall plate then this is the place for you. I not only found the one for my toddlers room but found one for my room, the kitchen and the bathrooms. I love the selection , the prices and how quick the shipping was. Ease of Use Wall plate Warehouse is very easy to use. Finding what I wanted and placing my order was also very easy. Product Selection There are thousands of different choices on the website. Product Pricing Pricing is very reasonable. Customer Service I have had no trouble with customer service. They have been helpful every time that I have had to contact them.



Wall to Wall Inventory of Stylish Switchcovers and Wallplates


I wanted to update the cracked wall plate cover in my powder room from a basic beige plastic to something more decorative, yet equally functional.  **WallplateWarehouse.com** was only a click away, and yet I had access to more switch covers and wall plates than I had ever dreamed existed. With more than 2,000 products in inventory, the website carries everything from basic wallplate needs in finishes like resin, wood, and vinyl-bonded steel, to stylish decorative accents in bronze, brushed pewter, marble, chrome, porcelain, and much more.  All of the wall plates are advertised at discount prices, and there is a clearance section for even more savings. In addition to basic wallplates that are designed for use with a single switch, there is a wide variety of configurations available for many wallplate styles.  Just take a look at the cover you wish to replace, and compare it to the website chart that shows all of the different combinations available.  For example, you can have simple toggles, rockers/GFI switches, and combo plates that combine toggle(s) with either a rocker or duplex outlet.  There are also options for blank covers, Despards (for older homes), and connection plates for phone, cable, and data.  WallplateWarehouse does not sell the actual switches and receptacles - you'd have to get those from your local hardware store. The ordering process was a breeze.  I selected a hand-rubbed pewter unit and checked the configuration chart to make sure that the one I wanted to buy was available in the style I needed.  Unfortunately, the 1 toggle/1 rocker combination was not available in my first choice.  However, the style I needed was available in my second choice (polished chrome) for only $3.99.  I decided to purchase two more products (two brushed brass rounded outlet covers) for $3.19 each.  Even with six dollars in shipping costs, my order total was a little over $16.  Overall I'm thrilled that I've discovered this new site and I'm planning on eventually switching out all of the wallplates in my home and replacing them with something nicer.  My order came quickly, and I had no problems installing them.  So if you're looking to make changes to your home decor but don't want to spend a lot of money, order some inexpensive wallplates from **WallplateWarehouse.com**.  Small details like switchplate covers don't cost much money, yet they really work to pull a room together.

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Wallplate Warehouse

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