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Walgreens Wal-Zyr D Allergy & Decongestant Extended Release Tablets

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I can breathe!!!


     It only take a short amount of time for this medication to work.  It costs less and it works just as well as the brand name allergy medications.  It helps with drying up a runny nose, takes away the itch from your eyes, helps with a try or mucus cough and lets you get back to what you need to do.  Most important it takes away that I want to chop off my nose because I can't take it anymore feeling!  You no longer have to deal with the crumpled up tissues, a red, dry and irritated nose and a awful scratchy throat.        You may feel a bit drowsy due to the decongestant.  If you are sensitive to medication I would take this before going to bed.  Your chances of falling asleep at work or at school would be taken away.  If you aren't sensitive to medication it might be okay to take it before you go out for the day.  You should also check it see whether or not it is the day time or night time version of the medication.


Indianapolis, IN


Wal-Zyr is not a good choice.


After trying numerous allergy products, this was one of those that did absolutely nothing for me.  I found that I was still heavily congested and had constabnt headaches even after taking these pills.  It was almost as if I was just taking a placibo.


Las Vegas, NV


Wal-Zyr works well in a pinch.


Hi, I've only used Wal-Zyr twice and it work each time. I prefer another product, and use Wal-Zyr when that is not available. Everytime I used Wal-Zyr it worked after taking an extra pill over doseing suggestions. But it always worked when I needed it to.                                                          Thanx,Bill


Falcon, MO


Wal-ZyrD used this,it did the job didn't break the bank


looking at all the cold, allergy medications over the counter can make you crazy, there are so many different ones and they all claim to be the best. so after spending 5 to 10 minute looking  i found  WAL-ZYR D , much to my surprise it pwasn't as expensive  as some others and it did the same job, i purchased it and was Happy with my choice, it worked.


Roselle, IL


Walgreens Wal-Zyr D Allergy & Decongestant Extended Release Tablets

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