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Walgreens Sunscreen Lotion

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eh, not so much


T o start, I live in Chicago, which means year round nasty weather.  We escape every winter to Mexico, just to toast a bit and come back to the meat-locker.  My husband loves water sports, and spends the majority of every vaca in teh sun.  I have tried every sunscreen out there, and this was possibly the worst one ever.  I suppose it is my own fault- you cant expect every generic to work, and this one didnt.  It was gloopy, it didnt spread well, and it washed off randomly.  The result was a splotchy sunburn.  It wasnt user error either, he reapplies after being in the water, even though it was suppose to be water resistent to a point.  what was worse, and added insult to injury was the fact that it caused him to break out in both a rash and with zits.  Not a pretty sight, and certianly not appreciated in conjunction with a sunburn.  I learned a valuable lesson, pay for the things that will ultimately save you discomfort on a long 5 hour flight home....

Saint Louis, MO


Walgreens Sunscreen Lotion

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