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Walgreens Skin Essentials 3 Step Acne System

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Great product!


Great product for the price, just as good as proactiv. Just keep cleanser, toner and lotion away from the skin under your eyes, it can irritate it, other than that its a great product! In just two days my skin was smoother and in a week the acne is almost clear!!! Side Effects nothing major, just irritates skin under eyes if contact occurs. Immediacy I saw results almost instantly. The sulfer mask smoothed out my face over night and by the end of week one im almost clear!





I first started using this product a year and a half ago and since then my skin has been the clearest it's ever been. I haven't been using anything other than this product since then.  It makes my skin feel tight and clean without making it flaky and dry. I really love this product and I won't go back to anything else!

Florence, AZ


Caused Peeling over top of Acne! Not worth it!


I tried this 3 step acne wash, first using the 2 least abrasive of the 3 washes-- based on a friend's reccomendation. I washed my face once a day. It seemed to begin to clear up my acne for the first few days. After a few more days of use, however, my face started to get dry and my forehead began peeling! I staggered the application to once every 3 days, but the peeling did not subside. It was peeling on top of the acne! I stopped using it and it took 2-3 weeks to get my skin back to normal --non-peeling-- I couldn't use other acne washes in that time because it would dry the skin out. Even though my skin is extremely oily, it did *not* work for me. 

Belmont, CA


Everything but the repairing lotion was okay


I used the Skin Essentials system for the first time about two weeks ago. The first time I used it my skin felt great and soft afterwards! I don't generally have sensitive skin, but the next day my entire face was bright red and my skin felt really tight and did not feel soft at all. Since then, my skin has completely peeled off and still feels tight and rough as if it may peel again, plus it STINGS. I think it was the repairing lotion that caused this because my face burned really bad for a long time after I put it on. I may continue to use the rest of the products and hope they don't cause any problems, but the repairing lotion went straight in the trash! Plus it is making me break out even worse than before since I have to put on so much moisturizer just to be able to move my face! I have been miserable for weeks because of this product.

Salina, KS


Definitely works!


I tried proactiv for 3 months, I even restocked on my toner only just to keep up - nada. I noticed a difference with skin essentials in a week! And for someone who swore off skin products after my misfortune with proactiv... (my skin got oily and I had more breakouts than I used to have before proactive. I called the proactive custome service number and they said it was normal for the first couple of weeks... but after 1 month and a half??)...the results were amazing. Will definitely recommend skin essentials over Proactiv. And the price? Just 12.99!

Elmont, NY


Not worth it


My mom got me this product instead of proactive because it was a more resonable price and said did the same thing. However, when i first began using it, i noticed no changes whatsoever. I suffer from dry skin, and acne, and although this product did not trouble my dry skin, it did nothing for my acne either. I have continued using this product for a month or two and have still seen no difference. In my opinion, it's just a waste of money and another product would most likely be more effective.

Princeton Junction, NJ


Walgreens Skin Essentials 3 Step Acne System

3.2 6