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Walgreens Premium Baby Diapers

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As good as name brands!


I love these diapers! While I can't claim to never have had a leak or blowout, I have had fewer than with name brand diapers like Pampers and Huggies. I never knew about these with my first child, but have used them consistently with my second. They are large enough up on the tummy and around the thighs that they absorb well even overnight. Try them out when they are on a BOGO sale at Walgreens, you won't regret it!

Clarendon Hills, IL


Ehh, not that great


These I would NOT recommend to anyone. They are horrible, they leak and they cause diaper rash because it gets wet so fast and does not absorb like it should. They aren't the greatest diapers for any kid to use. They need a LOT of work to be done with them because it will cause a lot of baby bottoms to be irriatated. So, I suggest you go else where and get another type of diaper than this. It is really that simple. Every child that i've had have had a lot of problems with these diapers. There is no point in making your child suffer because these are "sort of" cheaper than others. BUT, if these are your only option then make sure to keep diaper rash medicine on the bottom so that it won't get irriated. Or just make sure to change them very often to make sure that the bottom doesn't stay wet, so the child won't have to be miserable and won't be able to sleep hardly. Make sure that these are changed VERY often, then they will be ok.

Chatsworth, GA


Better than Pampers and half the price


We tried Pampers and Huggies first, which were both more expensive, the pampers kept coming open,spilling the insides out and irritating our baby's skin, Huggies were ok, but still expensive, then we tried the Walgreens' brand, which are nearly 50% cheaper if buying in large quantities (96 ct) and work great! They don't explode like the Pampers did, and they don't leak or shift either!

Indianapolis, IN


These diapers are great & hold up better than Pampers!!!


These diapers are great and hold up much better than pampers brand.  In my opinion, they are similar to costco or huggies diapers.  They have never leaked with my two toddlers! They are constantly on sale, so check your local ads and stock up and save! The new premium packaging diapers are in a green pack so lookout for them! They are not overpriced either! There may be a coupon in one of the ads/catalogs at the pharmacy counters so be sure to check for more great savings there! And if you have a leakage problem with your toddler then just exchange it for something else, no receipt required! I did not like the training pants but the diapers have been wonderful and saved us a whole lot of money!!! Go ahead give them a try! What do you have to lose except a little time! I know many moms out there are skeptical about trying different diapers but believe me, these are worth the try!  Good Luck!

North Ridgeville, OH


Walgreens Premium Baby Diapers

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