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Walgreens One-Step Pregnancy Test

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For people that do not want to be pregnant


For those of you that do not want to get pregnant, this test gives accurate negatives. My girlfriend was five days late, so i decided to buy her a test and it resulted in a negative. Now I have heard my fair share of misleading tests, and I was skeptical even after the test had come out negative however sure enough she got her period a few days later


The one step test is great


I am very happy with this product. The one step pregancy test is very realiable and very accurate. I would recamaned this product to every womwne who would needto find out if they are pregant anf fast!

Alum Creek, WV


Even its the lowest price, it gave accurate results.


it was a great product recommend it to everyone. low price great results!! looking forward to using it again. who ever said just becouse its the store brand meant it wasnt as accurate than other tests.

Bronx, NY


Walgreens One-Step Pregnancy Test

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