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Walgreens Multi Eraser Disposable Cleaning Pads

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Erasers are great but not environmentally friendly


These are great! I love them but again you have to weigh the convienance against environmentally friendly. They do not burn well therefore they have to be sent to the landfill...... I hate to admit it but I do use them because they work so well.

Jacksonville, AR


These Cleaning Pads Take the Work out of my Work!


I Love these eraser pads! I literally do not leave home without them since I clean homes, offices, and businesses for a living! These are also a great value, too! These pads take away the need to scrub away the scum in the bathroom!! I tell everyone about them, and when they try them they are hooked! I have even gotten magic marker off my wall! They also work great on tennis shoes! I use them also in the kitchen. You know the grease you get on your appliances...they come off with ease! Egven better...you don't have to use any spray cleaners with them so you are not breathing in any harmful chemicals! LOVE these pads!!!

Eddyville, KY


Walgreens Multi Eraser Disposable Cleaning Pads

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