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Walgreens Extra Strength Acetaminophen Pain Reliever

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An excellent price for the world's most widely-used analgesic.


I am pre-surgically on **Walgreens Extra-Strength Acetaminophen" because my usual ibuprofen thins the blood. There is a world of difference between the two. Acetaminophen has enormous liver toxicity issues, for one. Within the next three years, in fact, only 325mg acetaminophen tablets or capsules will be available (though actual dosing advice may not change). Acetaminophen is an alternative for anyone with bleeding issues, but it is far less effective for my arthritic pain issues than ibuprofen, and I'll be glad to leave it behind. To start with, **Walgreens EXTRA STRENGTH ACETAMINOPHEN**, other generics, or the big producer Tylenol, put me to sleep. That is indeed a way to avoid pain. Unfortunately, when I wake up, I have to decide on pain or more grogginess. Any acetaminophen users must be careful of increasing doseage. Some people don't realize that acetaminophen is included in many allergy meds and incorporated in codeine products (oxycodone, Percocet). Furthermore, it becomes a problem when used with alcohol or if used in adult quantities for kids. Their daily MAXIMUM is just 90mg! New warnings have been added to this **Walgreens ACETAMINOPHEN** package and to other brands. Eight of these 500mg gelcaps is the maximum daily amount allowable. This 4000mg (4g) daily maximum includes ALL sources of acetaminophen. Don't have more than three alcoholic drinks says the **Walgreens** package. NO drinks at all, says the FDA. Allergic side effects should be dealt with promptly. EEEiiiiii! As with any product, reading the directions is essential. For even more eye-opening information, check out the FDA site online.

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Walgreens Extra Strength Acetaminophen Pain Reliever

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