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Walgreens Comfort Stretch Premium Diapers

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Worst diapers ever!


I bought these one day when I forgot the diaper bag at home. These are the absolute worst! They hold no fluid at all. My husband poured a drop of juice on a diaper and it instantly soaked through. I have already contacted the company and have sent them back.

Kissimmee, FL


Cheap, both in price and in the way they're made.


I used to use these diapers. They usually leaked at least once a day and I always had to change sheets when my boys woke up in the morning because they'd leaked. I hated having to clean up after them all the time! These are fairly inexpensive, and they actually wouldn't be too bad to use during the day as long as you're keeping an eye on the child and changing them frequently. I try to change my children frequently, but I have 6 children now, we just potty-trained one and the 2 youngest are still in diapers, so my days are pretty crazy and the diaper-changing is sometimes postponed a bit more than is required for the diapers that don't tend to hold as much. The good things about them are that they've got cute designs on them, and they've got great stretch, which really helps with the fit, although I have noticed that the rise isn't always big enough for the weight limit, but it isn't a big deal to go a size bigger (at least, if you know you need to!)

Pleasant Grove, UT


Cute but not super absorbant


These diapers are cute--no stupid Elmo characters, just cute baby-themed pictures. They are soft and unscented.  They don't seem to hold as much liquid as Hugggies does, so I use these for daytime use and Huggies for night. This is an economical way for me to diaper my little sweetie.

La Habra, CA


Not so bad for generic


After having my first son, I was told these diapers were similar to the swaddlers. As a budget concious person, I decided to buy a smaller pack and give them a try. Although they were close in the fit, they still were not quite as good as the swaddlers. I did notice the tabs were not as stretchy as the swaddlers which made it easier to tear off. I did not like the fact that they leaked during overnights, and nap times. I did not mind using them so much during the day as I changed my son more often. They were worth a try but I could not get over how wondeful the swaddlers were so I decided to go back. I do however think these are a little above average for generic brands and would recommend them to someone who needed to be on a strict budget. I did like the fit around the legs, it is the material they seem to use that I believe caused the leaks. Overall good diaper for the money you spend on them.

Largo, FL


Horrible product


Someone gave me these as a shower gift and they were TOTALLY not worth even trying. First off they were a terrible material and they ran almost a full size too small. I gave the rest of the pack to a friend after I had cursed them for the last time due to a leak. She threw a couple  in her diaper bag as emergency diapers and when she went to put one on her child who wore a size two it wouldn't even close around her waist because it was too small! These diapers are just cheaply made in my opinion and I hate that walgreens would put out such an inferior product because usually their store brand items are great and replace the more expensive brand names. I found the tabs on these to also not stretch very well or hold together. I just felt like it was a poor attempt at a diaper. They didn't even bother to put a design on the pack I got. They were just plain white, hard, stiff things I was supposed to put on my child for him to wear all day. No thank you.

Goodlettsville, TN


This brand works as well as the other more popular brands.


I actually got these diapers pretty cheap due to a wonderful sale.  I don't think I would have purchased them if they were not on sale.  To my surprise they worked really well and I was very pleased with their performance.  They didn't leak and the diapers were very sturdy.

Indianapolis, IN


I love them! Couldn't ask for a better diaper at a better price.


I couldn't ask for a better diaper. They are just as good as the premium brands but at half the price. They have a cloth like feel and stretchy tabs. If you catch them during one of thier sales (buy one get one half off) they are a steal!

Conway, AR


I only get them if they are on sale!


These diapers are great! They are really expensive for a generic brand. But they go on sale bogo free often so thats the time to buy them! They absorb urine really well never had leaks with these. These diapers do come one size smaller so thats the only bad thing about these diapers. less diapers in the pack.

Los Angeles, CA


Walgreens Comfort Stretch Premium Diapers

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