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Walgreens Children's Ibuprofen

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This product kept me sane when my daughter was teething


This product is about half the price of the other types of infant and child ibuprofen. I like that it lasts up to eight hours so I know that my daughter will be okay through the night even if her teeth are bothering her. It is easy to find. Always in stock and it is reliable. My daughter takes it down just fine because it is sweet. Helps a lot with the swelling in her gums that cause her to have teeth pain when her teeth are budding through. If your child will not take it as it is you can mix it with on ounce of warm water or one ounce of formula and give it to them that way. There are many sales on this product all the time at Walgreens so I recommend that you try. I believe that it works just as good maybe even better than the name brand product. There are more flavors than the berry but the berry is the only one that my daughter likes. She does okay with the grape but I do not think she likes it very much. It tastes kind of bitter.



Walgreens Children's Ibuprofen

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